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  1. J

    Final Stages

    Thanks for the kind words Jenny...greatly appreciated. Take care.
  2. J

    Final Stages

    Just got back from visiting my mum. We live 700 miles away but I visit whenever I can. This time it was 8 weeks since my last visit. She doesnt know me anymore, no sight (she went blind a few years ago) no understanding and almost no speech apart from a mumbled yes or no. I knew she had not...
  3. J

    Suggestions please..

    Hi Emma Sudacreme is quite good you can purchase at supermarkets or chemist ......recommended for nappy rash. Found it very good but i think you should check with your nan's doctor. Good Luck
  4. J

    My Mum has passed away

    Hi Alison I was sorry to hear about your mum. Please accept my deepest condolences. Take Care.
  5. J

    I Miss My Mum

    Hi Helen Dont worry about letting off steam. We all need to do that sometimes! It has helped me just being able to put down into words what I feel. So if it helps to have a scream, shout or even just a good old moan.....just you go ahead and do it. Take Care
  6. J

    my mum has gone into care

    Hi Alison My mum has also gone into care. She has for a while been unable to use left hand but now appears to have lost use of left leg too. I am wondering if she has had a stroke, tried to get some answers from the care home on xmas eve but they werent interested! So much for them being...
  7. J

    I Miss My Mum

    Hi Kim Sorry to hear about your Mum. It was a long time before I could get anyone to recognise there was something wrong with my mum and I was so busy being angry and confused with that I didnt understand the disease or know about medication until it was too late. I know its small...
  8. J

    become necassary to go into care

    Hi Alison Your parents story sounds so so familiar. My mum has also just gone into care. As much as I hate it I know it is for the best. As well as having alzheimers my mum is blind and I know she had bruising. She was also saying similar things to your mum about going home one minute...
  9. J

    Stages of Altzheimers

    Hi Jude I can only tell you of my experiences with my mum and the three stages. Mum was in the first stage for approximately 6 years, started with memory things, sending a birthday card to me in August when my birthday is in January and her eyesight started to fail. We continued along this...
  10. J

    I Miss My Mum

    Hi Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. I have been reading the posts for a while now and I can sympathise with most of them. The anger, frustration, sadness that you all cope with because of this cruel disease. Initially, I couldnt cope, then I learned to put up this invisible...
  11. J

    I Miss My Mum

    My mum is 69 and in the final stages now and we are into the 9th year. She has been blind for the last 4 and she has only just been admitted to a hospital. It has taken its toll on everyone although Dad does seem a bit calmer since Mum was admitted. Only dad and I see her on a regular basis...