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    Still in shock

    Hi John I am so sorry to read about your wife and sister, it must be a very tough time for you. I really do sympathise with you. My mum who is 64 was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 54. My dad found it incredibly hard but he had the support of myself and 2 sisters. The Alzheimer's Society...
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    NHS Continuing Healthcare- Any success??

    Sorry to hear about your mum, my mum has Alzheimer's which started in her early 50s. She is in an EMI nursing home for the last 2 years and met the criteria for Continuing Healthcare. If your mum is unpredictable in any of the domains you mentioned you should have an assessment. Talk to your...
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    Have we had a break through...?

    Hi Kate It's so difficult to take the first few steps. My dad refused to see what was going on and it was down to me and my sister to make the doctors appointments etc. I was hard to do but it could no longer carry on as it was. Mum has been diagnosed about 3 years now and dad is her full...
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    How do i come to terms with this?

    Thank you all TP definitely helps to offload and it is comforting to know you are not alone in all of this. Sofia
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    How do i come to terms with this?

    Hi everyone, I can totally relate to what Vanessa is feeling. My mother was diagnosed about 3 years ago she is 59. She started displaying symptoms when I was living away. It's one of the reasons I returned home, although like you said I felt quite nervous at having to face to prospect that...
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    Sort of need to get this all off my chest

    Hi Cymbaline This is my first time on here I have just plucked up the courage to write after reading about your situation. I totally empathise with you, my mam is 59 and started developing symptoms of AD in her early 50s. My dad is her full-time carer, he took early retirement in order to...