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    Withdrawal of CHC funding

    My brother, diagnosed with Alzheimers 2011, was sectioned in August, 2018 and was in a psychiatric assessment centre until early December. After appraisal he was moved to a care home and we were told that his CHC funding would be review after three months. About 6 weeks his wife was summoned to...
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    With Christmas coming, advice please on dealing with large gatherings

    Thank you all for your input. This year it will be held in a separate room within the care home, but 14+ people in even a largish room will make it a noisy event! We've had this the last couple of years, at a local restaurant. We declined last year for the same reasons as this time, hoping her...
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    With Christmas coming, advice please on dealing with large gatherings

    My husband's mother has Vascular Dementia. Her attention span is very short and she often has trouble knowing who all her Grandchildren are, so at times like Christmas when extended family arrive she is normally quite withdrawn in large gatherings. We've observed this on a number of occasions...
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    Coping with aggression and non-compliance

    My brother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers about 6 years ago. He's now 68. My husband and I try to support my SiL and her sons as they cope with the varying stages this disease is taking on my brother's health. It's agonising watching the effect this is having on their family and we...
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    How to make sure the medicine goes down?

    Thank you for all the advice and ideas - I will pass these on! Today I had a text from SiL to say my brother had got up, been showered, dressed, had breakfast AND TAKEN HIS TABLETS!! SO perhaps today will be one of his better days! ;-)
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    How to make sure the medicine goes down?

    My brother, aged 68, was formally diagnosed in 2012 with early onset Alzheimers. By the time of diagnosis, it was discovered (after MRI scan) that the illness was probably at least three years into the process. With varying ups and downs, his wife and family have soldiered on taking the good...
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    To 'correct' or 'not correct' - that is the question!

    Hi all, Aside from supporting my brother and his wife as they cope with his Alzheimers, my Mother-on-law also suffers from dementia, although to a lesser degree. Basically, she has the attention span and recent-memory recall of a gnat! Whilst it can be a little irritating, hubby and I (and...
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    Photograph albums of memories

    Both my Mum-in-law and my brother have Alzheimer's of varying stages. I recently came across a number of photo's of my brother, sister and myself as children and decided to put them in a small album for him, along with pictures of other family members and holidays from our youth. My...
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    Thankyou all for your welcome! As I said, we are only at the start of this long and weary road - I take on board the comments about 'fair weather' friends and realise nothing will be 'normal' for any of us for the foreseeable future! I will pass on details of this site to SIL, she may find...
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    Hi, This is my first time here so I'll apologise in advance if I offend through ignorance! :p Earlier this year my brother, (I'll just refer to him as 'D') aged 63, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's. After the initial shock we are trying to come to terms with this and have felt...