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    My precious mother

    I have not visited this forum since my mother passed in December 2014. I am still stunned, shocked, sad, heartbroken and lost... I miss her so much and everyday is difficult. Mum was so peaceful at the end... her face, shining like an angel, she simply accepted what was to be. I just wish I...
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    feeling so distressed

    Hello all, I had to call the ambulance yesterday for mum. She could not swallow her tablets and was confused. She was repeating the word yes constantly and her eyes were 'cloudy'. I was apprehensive about mum going into hospital having experienced the worst case scenarios on a prevous time...
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    Upsetting news at care home visit

    The same thing happened with my mother. She eats very little and is only 5st. When we visited the hospital regarding another matter the consultant advised soft high caloried fooods. she said even a mouthful is better than nothing at all and I needed to prepare myself for this progression is...
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    we've had to say goodbye

    So sorry to hear of your sad news. Take care xx
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    Dementia Challenge Groups – would you like to contribute via a second thread?

    I have looked after my mother for many many years - she is now 89 and very frail. She has vascular dementia. I feel physically sick every night in case she dies when I am not around. Is this totally selfish. I can see she is frail, a shadow of who she was, unable to do any tasks for herself but...
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    Thank you all for your helpful comments. I will get the hearing aid checked out tomorrow in the first instance. Many thanks. Paulineanne
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    I have noticed lately that my mother cannot hear me despite the fact her hearing aid is working. I have tried changing the batteries but she still seems completely oblivious when I am talking to her. Do you know if this is also part of dementia? I have been through so much watching the...
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    The Forgotten??

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I completely understand how you feel. Hopefully things will start to change soon! Take care Paulineanne
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    UTI'S scary

    Yes, UTI is very scary and very upsetting seeing your loved one so confused! Cranberry juice is said to help prevent this, however, cranberry juice should not be given if warfarin is taken!... Last year mum was re-admitted to hospital - (Dec last year (actually she should not have been...
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    Finally over

    Dear Verity, I am so sorry to hear of the your loss. Do take care of yourself and hold on to the wonderful memories - feel at peace that you done your very best. Paulineanne
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    Advice needed

    Thank you. A message was left on Friday from Maggie at the Carers Association saying the key worker would not be back at work until Wed 3 November. However, given the tremendous pressure I feel I will take your advice and contact the Carers Association first thing on Monday. The Sheltered...
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    Advice needed

    Is this reasonable? The Scheme Manager called my daughter into her office on Thursday asking what is being done to resolve the issue of mum coming out of her flat. My daughter said that I was waiting for the 'key worker' to contact me. Yesterday, she called me in and asked when things would...
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    Advice needed

    I have contacted the local carers association and the person I spoke is going to appoint a 'key worker' who is supposed to be very experienced in the field of dementia. I was told there are various strategies that could be put in place and not to worry too much... mainly assisted technology. I...
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    Advice needed

    Thank you so much for all your helpful advice. I have booked an appointment to see the doctor to find out if mum has UTI infection... I will make enquiries about the assisted technology, I will have find out if the Scheme Manager will allow equipment to be fitted. The residents at the scheme...
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    Advice needed

    My mother lives in sheltered accommodation. She has a carer in the morning. I visit her about lunch time every day, cook her meals, do her washing take her out and put her to bed around 10pm. Yesterday the Scheme Manager called me into her office and said that residence had complained after...
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    my mom close to death

    I am thinking of you at this time. Please take care of yourself. Paulineannex
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    Feel my BIG Sister let me DOWN ! ! !

    I have had no help from my sister - she lives about 20 mins drive from mum. I have often had rows with her about her lack of support. I have been worn out and on my knees and she has telephoned to say she is in the garden having a bottle of wine and reading a book..... :mad: What can you do...
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    The end

    Thinking of you and your mother. Take care. Paulineanne
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    Advice - reassurance

    I am not alone with this experience!..... Thank you to everyone for letting me know your experiences! It has really helped me.:)I will try some of the strategies that you have suggested!
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    Advice - reassurance

    My mother continually needs reasurance - for example she asks 'are you coming to see me tomorrow she will repeat this several times. I visit her everyday and I spend hours with her - I continually give her reasurrance - Sometimes I feel really frustrated having to say the same thing over...