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    Hiding things

    Hi Well my mother hides keys, money, purse, her reading glasses, toilet rolls, books and when I say hide - oh my word she's very creative. Set of house keys inside a CD player, purse under her pillow, cushions in lounge, behind the fridge, inside the freezer. Money under her pillow, between...
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    Help and advice needed

    You mention walking, this can be part of dementia/Alzheimer's - their spacial awareness goes, so the floor if it has different colours eg stepping through a threshold from one room to another - it may feel like they are stepping up one step or stepping down. My mum loses her balance all the...
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    Help - getting socially isolated

    Where I am there are groups for carers, also with or without mum I attend various events. Have you looked at Support near you? The link is:!/search The only social life I have is these events.
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    This is the only one that I can think of:
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    Mum went missing, what happens next????

    No she wont be sectioned. This happened with my mother. I recommend that someone calls the Local Authority in her town. Ask for Adult Living or Social Services. A Social Worker will come out and discuss the situation with the person and a family member, they can provide help in the way of...
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    Dad driving me potty about clothes

    My mum is like this, the waistband is wrong, the length is wrong, too big, too small. I tried taking her shopping oh my word - the department store - thankfully had a large changing room as she kept stepping out of the room half naked so I went in with her. Again nothing fitted. Went in...
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    Dementia day clock

    Yes tried it with mum, the thing is getting them to look at it, she never looked at it or rarely looked at it :( so wasn't much use. It showed day/night but to her 2am/2pm were the same thing regardless if it was pitch black outside. Though others I know - found it very beneficial - the thing...
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    Father assessment for continuing care

    Hi, last year we (the family) made enquiries about care home/carers etc for mum. I contacted our Local Authority (council) and initially a social worker came out, then a few days later another person came out and did a financial assessment. This consisted of looking at her bank account...
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    Going away- much prep. needed!!

    Enjoy your break. Sounds like me, used to give advance notice, there was always a reason I couldn't go. Now leave it to the last minute. In fact a couple of weeks ago went to London only for the day, saw mum, walked up the path to the car, didn't even switch the engine on and she was already...
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    Relentless 'Tidying'

    Tidying and more tidying (to her). The sorting out afterwards, the kitchen every cupboard emptied including fridge and freezer. Bedroom, all drawers etc... Furniture in the bedroom all moved again and again. Fridge in the kitchen moves from one end to the other the list is endless. It's...
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    Dealing with double incontinence

    Thank you Beate, I'm hijacking this thread. I've just ordered 3 of the smaller ones, in Tartan and of course claimed the VAT relief. Thanks for sharing the link.
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    House in joint names

    I believe you are right, it is split 50/50.
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    preparing for social services assessment

    I was present when my mum had her assessment, they asked lots of questions, why, what, how etc. The questions were directed at my mum, after the assessment, the social worker turned to me asked if there was anything I wanted to add. I had loads to add. Some of which, her medication, food...
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    Hi Julie I read this with some interest, my mother has never ever had a UTI, this may explain the reason, as her body cannot absorb any sugar or fat. Thank you for sharing. Added after: should explain mum has to have a very high fat and sugar diet.
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    I've thought at times, mum was manipulating me because of certain things she does. One day, can't walk, bad back but after a mug of tea, forgotten the bad back. Some days too tired to do anything, another day loads of energy. Her vocabularly has decreased and then the unexpected happens - she...
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    Time disorientation.

    Yes, have this all the time with my mum, can't tell the difference between 2am or 2pm though she can tell the time as in it is the number 2. Tried clocks with am/pm or morning/night, she never looked at it. It's just part of this awful disease.
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    Donepezil advice please

    Hi, have a word with a pharmacist, they can give guidance. Sorry have no experience of donepezil. I do like the idea though, with others it might not be so noticeable.
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    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday. I celebrated my birthday alone, no cards or wishes. Mum has long since forgotten birthdays/christmas etc. Sounds like you enjoyed the party - so treasure that. You are entitled to have a moan, this is an awful disease for our loved ones.
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    TUDelft: Your experiences in money management are asked for.

    1. How long has your friend been handling his or her own money management before giving it out of hands? (Examples: paying bills, paying by themselves in-stores and withdrawing money from the bank?) About six months after diagnosis. 2. In what way is your friend struggling when he or she is...
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    Not accepting

    So sorry to hear this. My own experience, I always bear the brunt of verbal abuse, accusations, threats etc. People say to me, it is because I am the closest person to her - which doesn't stop the hurting inside. My mother tends to blurt things out, which to me always sounds aggressive...