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  1. Rosnpton

    Found our care home

    Hi We did a list of mums likes and dislikes even down to type of tv she would watch and stuff that set her off. We also did a basic family tree of names/relationship /what mum called them etc. Very useful when after a few weeks she was moaning she hadn't seen her best dr.recently. The staff...
  2. Rosnpton

    Mam's first Christmas in a home, what to do

    Hi Mum went into full time care Feb 2016. Almost immediately we would have problems when she was taken out.she would scream,shout hit out etc when we tried to go this point she was still walking with a frame. By Dec she couldn't even attende hospital appointments unless at least 2 adults...
  3. Rosnpton

    All you wanted to know, but THEY were to afraid to tell you

    Thank you norms for putting such an informative thread together Ros
  4. Rosnpton

    Maybe this is it.

    Sorry to read that your mum has now passed. You must be exhausted from your constant vigil . You need some time to yourself to jsut sleep and rest. Ros x
  5. Rosnpton

    feeling a bit ground down...

    Hi Mums now in a ch but we still get episodes of 'agony'. She does have genuine pain but it became a habit to scream cry etc and the once st hospital perk up. We had several calls to go over as an ambulance was coming/take her to a&e etc.she did this so many times a paramedic made a complaint...
  6. Rosnpton

    Ok to have a "mini grieve"?

    Until mum had to go into a ch last Feb,we looked after her at home,only having carers for the 8weeks before the move into care. Dad never accepted the altzheimers diagnosis,and lied to social workers-everyone in fact,about what mum was able to do,how well they were coping etc. He...
  7. Rosnpton

    My mum has gone

    Sorry to read of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family Ros x
  8. Rosnpton

    Incontinence pads fill my mum's wardrobe in care home - is this right?

    Hi In mums ch there are pads for about a week in the wardrobe-it's a very small wardrobe so we bought underbed canvas storage drawers . We use these for out of season clothes,or the items she has decided arent hers or taken a dislike to.we have also tried to keep the bare minimum of 'stuff' in...
  9. Rosnpton

    Husband in Care Home so what about Christmas?

    Hi My mum went into care April last year. We usually had a big family Xmas at my house but I only have an upstairs loo and apart from dementia she is now unable to walk any distance even with a frame. Last year I booked for my dad and brother to have Xmas lunch with her at the care home, then my...
  10. Rosnpton

    Just a gripe, that's all

    I've got to apply to the council for funding for mums care home.we run out of funds Dec-I did the form last year but they made us sell her 50% of an investment so refused help last year. I intend doing what I did then-2 days off work,bottle of wine,take out and plough through them till finished...
  11. Rosnpton

    Asking for help

    Hi jo It's good you have got the help you need.its such a pity it took having a melt down on the phone to get the ball rolling. Maybe,tho,it was what made them realise you were nearing a complete carers breakdown. Do try and sleep in- don't start being around and available when the carers are...
  12. Rosnpton

    The minute man

    It is sad just how many on this forum have invisible siblings,other family that flit in tell you what you are doing wrong and flit back out. My brother has stepped up a bit more the last year. Before mum went into care he phoned on a Saturday teatime,and visited Xmas Easter and her birthday...
  13. Rosnpton


    Hi you haven't given up on oh AT ALL. His needs have escalated and are beyond what is safe and reasonable to expect you to manage. If it was different and for example and he had been in an accident you wouldn't expect to manage the care at home. You would go to a&e,expect him to be put on a...
  14. Rosnpton

    Is that it? The past no so much forgotten as re-remembered in this vile, toxic form?

    This is so familiar,and it's both reassuring and so sad to read how many others have a similar situation. My mum had to go into care April last year as dad had an accident leaving him in hospital 16weks.before this,we had carers twice a day,she was meant to attend a daycare centre twice a week...
  15. Rosnpton

    Things are looking up

    That is good news. Make sure you give them the full picture. Hope you get the respite quickly Ros
  16. Rosnpton

    Mum Doesnt want to be in a Home and gets Angry when visited

    Hi my mum went into care last April 2016'march this year moved to the dementia unit due to deteriating behaviour,aggression and fighting. She still says she isn't staying,wants to go home,is getting out. She can no longer walk and has been using a wheelchair foe 6months. It takes 2 carers to...
  17. Rosnpton

    Commode success!

    That is good news,and so helpful of the care home to lend you one to try. May be worth borrowing one from Red Cross-depending on how often you may need it. Great to read of a success. Ros
  18. Rosnpton

    Just having a brief bang of head against the wall

    I bought two new pairs of glasses for mum in April as she deliberately broke them thinking this was a way out of the care home as,apparently,the optician would make her go to her 'old' address rather then the care home. They are clearly named. On Sunday she had someone else's on. When I...
  19. Rosnpton

    Called to care home to deal with mother

    Hi I've been summoned many times since mum went into care April last year. Mainly because of falls-some of which meant trip to a and e,some not. Mainly because she can be violent and aggressive . When in residential we went through several escape bids. She would sit in reception with her...
  20. Rosnpton

    Drinking cups?

    Hi Our local mobility shop had a good range. Mum needed a two handled lidded cup suitable for hot drinks and ch dishwasher. I got two different ones From able2 ( Handy cup/beaker. Brightly coloured with a slanted inner bottom which means needs less effort to tip to...