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    Continuing Care Funding Advice and Appeals

    I don't post very often, but really wanted to say that you must keep going as far as NHS CHC is concerned. Our experience was awful and very stressful, but common as far as we can see. From the initial assessment with the NHS CHC Nurse Assessor (or "smiling assassin" as we now like to refer...
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    Nhs continuing care appeal - advice on "altered state of consciousness

    Many thanks for your responses, they are much appreciated. MIL went into a nursing home last year - admitted straight from hospital following a fall where sher broke her hip. We were "told" at the time that there was "no way" she would qualify for NHS funding, even though during her time in...
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    Nhs continuing care appeal - advice on "altered state of consciousness

    Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice regarding an appeal on NHS continuing care that is due on Thursday. I am struggling with the "altered states of consciousness" section. My MIL is Stage 6 alzheimers. She is in a nursing home. She has days when the staff struggle to keep her awake...
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    The other 'Woman'

    So sorry to hear of your troubles!!! They ring so true with me that I had to respond! My MIL also turned on me too even though I had been main carer for years and even though you have to develop a thick skin, it doesn't stop it hurting. My MIL thinks my hubby is "hers" and that I have "stolen"...
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    Care home confusion (again!)

    Hi there, just had to respond to this as we are in the exact same position with my MIL who is in hospital in south Birmingham following a broken hip. She too needs a nursing home and whilst the "placements officer" is lovely and understanding, the only homes she can suggest at the moment all...
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    Advice on nursing home please

    Hi everyone, I only post occasionally but find reading all your posts really helpful! My MIL broke her hip in June and we have now been told she cannot return home and needs nursing home care. We agree with this decision but it's not easy finding a home for her! She will be self funding after...
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    I feel like screaming!!!!!

    Oh dear!!! Such a bad day again. My MIL has been through the mill lately, thats fair enough to say. In the last 12 months first of all my FIL was admitted to a hospice placement, and he had a slow lingering death. He finally passed away in June. My MIL (diagnosed with Alzheimers about 5 years...
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    Advice please regards SS and finances

    Thank you so much for your quick response - it is very much appreciated. My FIL is currently in hospital following a fall so I am hoping that will start the process of getting the extra help they (and we) need. Kindest regards and thanks, Tracey x
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    Advice please regards SS and finances

    Thank you Sylvia - does this apply even though they own their own home? Is the assessment based on savings only? Sorry to be a bit dumb about it all!!! Tracey x
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    Advice please regards SS and finances

    Can anyone please advise me with regard to funding for care at home? My MIL & FIL both live in their own sheltered flat. (They own this). They both receive attendance allowance at the higher rate and they also receive both parts of the pension credit. The time is fast approaching where by we...
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    What do you when you go on holiday?

    Thank you all fopr your replies - I will look at the Vitalise option I think. We don't really want to put the onus of care onto my mom and sister while we are away to be honest so have to find alternatives. The idea of taking a "friend" along may well work though. Thank you all.
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    shes gone

    SO sorry to hear your sad news - thinking of you.xx
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    What do you when you go on holiday?

    Hi All, What do you do when you go on holiday? My hubby and I are the main carers for my MIL & FIL (one with Alzheimers and the other with vascular dementia). They live in Sheltered Accommodation so have pullcords etc for emergencies but no other help. We visit daily to ensure medication is...
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    Mum wont accept diagnosis -

    Just so you know you are not alone in this - my MIL still denies she ahs any problems whatsoever - she also ignored her diagnosis and if we ever now mention her memory problems she says that it is us who have the problem - her memory is just fine!!! Having said that, she is adept at using other...
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    Guilt after arguing!!!

    Thank you all so much for your helpful comments and good wishes. The pill timer dispenser looks like a great idea and worth exploring more. I totally see the need to try and let comments wash over me ....and I am trying to do this. Things have been a little calmer this week, but then we (and by...
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    Any ideas or advice?

    We had a dietician visit for my FIL who was losing weight due to his emphysema - she was more concerned with my MIL when she arrived. Food has been an issue with my MIL for quite a while - and she is increasingly frail although tells anyone who will listen that she is "fat enough thank you!" Its...
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    Guilt after arguing!!!

    Thanks for your replies. Tina - she still has her husband living with her. Unfortunately, he also has vascular dementia and emphysema - he is still more able than she is although they make a great pair - they rely on each other so much! What one can do, the other can't and vice...
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    Guilt after arguing!!!

    Hi Everyone My MIL has Alzheimers (I would say Stage 5 - she scores around 20 on MMSE but is increasingly confused and not coping - looking at some of your posts I realise that the MMSE does not always correlate with the confusion that can be observed). She has also recently been diagnosed...
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    Denial - a question

    Jenniferpa, thank you for your reply. The quotation is indeed, extremely relevant, and just highlights the real sadness of this illness. Trace
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    My MIL said only today, that the way we are complaining about her not eating enough is our way of getting her "taken away". We have never ever suggested this, although she is certain that we have actually told her this. We would NEVER say this to her, although we would certainly never promise...