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    Dad is losing so much weight

    loss of weight Hi My wife has dementia when she was in hospital she lost quite a bit of weight so when she came back home I started to give her pork pies/ mini mars bars /chocolate also her favourite sweets i found if you let them snack when they want they will gain weight unless there is a...
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    Qualifying for Attendance Allowance

    Hi when my wife was diagnosed with dementia we went to the local age concern [now age uk] they kindly sent for the forms and then came to the house to help fill out this form and they sent it off on our behalf and they told us that we qualified for AA [high level] so best advice is to go to...
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    always asleep

    Hi Oldbones My wife has dementia and is allways sleeping she want to go to bed allday long it seems to me that this is just part of their problem but she does talk in her sleep and every time she has her night time pills after 1/2 hour she seems to want to eat for england then she gets back...
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    life will never be the same

    hi new here my wife has been dignosed with frontal lobe degeneration dementia and i have found it hard she has now got to the sages of verball aggresion and want's to die in her sleep or leave to live elseware and can not be left alone