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    Value of music

    Hi didnt realise its a month since I visited this site. Have been to Spain for a week which worked out very well. What helped my husband there was listening to music (whilst I read a book). The music seems to relax him and he sat for quite a while singing along to the ones he knew. We found...
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    Hi from Chica

    Hi - so pleased to have some feedback - I shouldnt have spoken so soon - not long after writing that things were OK he had a terrible day - went to play golf and after a few holes he lost his temper when his ball went in a pond (he used to be a very good golfer ) said he didnt want to play...
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    Hi from Chica

    Second visit to this site - I am Norman's wife/carer - he has Alzheimers - Most days are good as we keep busy - plus a new anti depressent pill is helping to keep calmer -
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    Hi - This is the first time I have used this site. My husband was diagnosed Alzheimers 4 years ago. Several of his golf friends now do not want to play with him and blames me for having told one of their wives that he has a problem. Sometime he goes into a rage accusing me of ruining his...