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    Walking ...

    Have you been tested for diabetes recently? Could be unrelated to dementia and needs checking by gp. Good luck
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    National elf day

    Thanks for all the replys. We will be doing xmas jumper day. I will be joining in but I think that's what got my goat initially. After being told the boss doesn't like his staff dressed up it surprised me that he would allow jumper day and not elf day. Each are admirable causes but as you can...
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    Glad to hear the better side of this awful disease. I think (myself included) we all speak of the negatives , especially here because it's a safe place. My OH with alzheimer's is great fun more often than not . It's probably me that needs to give my head a wobble from time to time. He has told...
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    National elf day

    Thanks fo the hugs. Feel a bit better about it all today. Sadly statistically the boss will possibly have to deal with it at some point in his life.
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    National elf day

    Just need to get this off my chest tbh. I've posted before but had to change my user id due to change of phone and password etc. My OH is19 years older than me(62) and after 7 years of struggle(his fault and gp's) finally have a diagnosis of alzheimer's. Anyway,I'm still working 4 days a week...