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    Anyone bought a Tracker Watch?

    Tracker Whenever my wife goes on one of her walkabouts she always pops her phone in her pocket. Our eldest son works in a mobile phone tech centre and he installed Lookout a free app for locating your lost phone, this has managed to get me to within a few yards of her four times now, it's not...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    I really would just like to say thank you so very much for the kind words and messages we have read on here today. Until today I have felt so alone and unable to talk to anybody about all of the problems we face and will face before long. Getting a little bit watery reading through some of the...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Hello I would just like to say hello to the other members here and to introduce us. I have been looking after my wife for a few years now and juggling a full time job as well. My wife has had Alzheimers for six years, and mid-term for about five months. We have two grown up boys that we truly...