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    The woman in the black cloak

    My mum had Alzheimer's and in the early years used to tell me about waking up and finding men in her bedroom, I asked her if she was frightened and she said no, we were chatting! Then another time she was telling me all about a journey she'd gone on a bus and chatted to other people. In my...
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    End of Life

    It can come when you least expect it. My mum had many chest infections over the years and urinary infections - both of these made her quite ill at times - she got better from all of them! She was on mostly soft foods as she'd pulled most of her own teeth out (I couldn't believe it when...
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    Mum has eye infection but is 'declining' eye drops

    This may help some people with the problem of an eye infection. You can make your own solution - I use it for me and my kids and animals! It's brilliant for conjunctivitus Put a little table salt in a bowl and add boiling water to dissolve the salt, stir with a teaspoon. Add a little...
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    I don't know if what I'm going to say will help but I hope it might I grew up with animals and I have always loved them as much as humans, I know some people think that is wrong but to me they have such strong personalities and obviously big hearts. I would never want an animal to suffer...
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    DLB Hallunications

    My mum has Alzheimer's and was always good at massaging and I've also got the gift. My mum would always become more relaxed when I gave her a massage, even just a shoulders massage if she sat in a dining chair. Sometimes if she was not herself and suffering I would give her a massage...
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    Should Mum have flu jab?

    I sometimes feel I always have a difference of opinion - lol My mum's had Alzheimer's for approx' 15 yrs now. She's been in the current care home for over 5 yrs now. They didn't use to ask me about the flu jab but started to about 3 yrs ago. Now I have tried to keep mum to have things as I...
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    Worried about the symptoms my mum is having

    I'd suggest you both do a little bit of relaxation therapy. Make it a fun thing to do together - either going to a class together or doing it in one of your homes by getting some relaxing music you both enjoy, a couple of mats and working out together what would relax you - talking about a...
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    What would you do? - Falling out of bed

    Putting a zimmer frame at the side of his bed may work, one with wheels on, he can use it to help pull himself up and if he's given that sort of information he may agree to using it. Position it near to where he'd sit up, so it's very close to the bed.
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    i keep hearing voices

    I've got two ideas to try 1 ear plugs - if they block out all other noise it may help make you realise that the voices are just in your head, no one in other rooms in your home and that might help reassure you at the time 2 playing music - either in your room or through headphones or...
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    Anyone else had this?

    I am usually telephoned by the care home after she's been ill and they have called the GP who has given her antibiotics. I have never been asked by this care home for any information or wishes, I have advised them of what mum would have preferred when she was "with it" and told them what her...
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    Court of protection?

    It's very difficult for you this situation and I'm sorry you find yourself in it. I am sure you are genuinely concerned but there is very little you can do about this. However I can reassure you that when the Court of Protection is involved in a person's finances they have to be sent the...
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    Anyone else had this?

    Mum drew up an EPA - so I look after her health - but I'm finding no one will listen to what I say. I have discussed mum's situation and what she used to prefer, to ask that be done - she never ever used to take antibiotics and was very against them, but the home refuses to listen to me and...
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    Anyone else had this?

    Thank you all for your replies. I just got a phone call yesterday from the home to say mum had been poorly recently, chest infection and they'd called a medic who said to call the on-call doctor who came and prescribed antibiotics and she's getting better now. I wonder why they did this...
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    Anyone else had this?

    My mum is in a care home, where she's been for over 5 years. I'm not sure exactly how long she's had Alzheimer's for but it could be between 15 to 17 years. I first noticed her getting forgetful and it crossed my mind she could have it and over the years it became obvious. She has been...
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    Care home blocking arranged move to new care home

    How soon can the new care home take your relative? If any sooner than the month's notice, then move your relative as soon as possible. I'm saying this just in case the home start anything towards your relative. I had this with my mum in one care home I'd put her in. The vile manager...
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    How do you handle a person with dementia

    Do whatever you want to make your life easier. Dementia is so difficult to live with and can often go on and on for years and years and longer than you can ever imagine sometimes. It varies. So just do what you feel is best for you - because you are important and need to care about...
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    Poor mum been having awful hallucinations.

    In some areas it is possible to get people in to be with people with dementia, they're called dementia friends locally or something like that. They are CRB checked and it is people who are willing to just go along and befriend a person with Alzheimer's or dementia and be with them for a few...
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    Recommendations for clothes labelling

    I used to work in a care home as the "washing clothes lady" as everyone used to call me! I used to get so many clothes without names in them - it drove me mad as I did not have the time to find out who they belonged to, I was so busy. I found the pens that are like felt tips, that stay on...
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    reply to the same question in a different way

    I'd suggest saying "I'll think about it and let you know" re the window - try it, might work!
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    reply to the same question in a different way

    At first I answered correctly but when this started getting on my nerves big time I decided to introduce an element of humour into it, so I'd answer something so off the wall I thought it was funny. Sometimes my mum would get it and give me a look and say "Are you trying to be funny?" in her...