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    Are we all early Birds??

    Haha @canary, love this!
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    early onset dementia course

    @vmmh thinking of you. It will be a hard decision when that time comes especially for someone younger. I know I have to start thinking about it.
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    How do I tell my husband he is going into a nursing home?

    I am also finding this very useful, as I am looking into CH's now for the future, and wondering how on earth I would go about it, and how awful to leave him there - it is so good to read of everyone's experiences thanks.
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    Day from hell

    What an awful night @Wishful. I hope he has settled down now. My OH has nights where he can't settle, walks in and out of the bedroom, turning lights on, but luckily incontinence has not yet really started. In the morning I find icecream on the counter, outside doors open, lights on...
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    A small benefit.

    Yes I think it is because they may recognise the nouns but can't remember what it is. If I ask my OH "Would you like a coffee?" he can't remember that coffee is a hot drink.
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    Expressive and Receptive Dysphasia

    I've been told my OH has expressive and receptive dysphasia. He can respond without thinking with words which just pop out of his head, like a retort, but can't express anything and often I haven't a clue what he is trying to say. He waves his hand vaguely, talks about "those things" and I try...
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    A small benefit.

    Sound very familiar. Yes I think there are familiarities in everything therefore they think they have seen it, done it, or it is already theirs. My OH's standard response to everything is "Of course I have seen it/been there many times before" in a condescending tone. Points to the side of a...
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    Male Personal Care

    I am in the same boat with my OH. I've been told that no-one dies from not taking a shower but surely they need a wash occasionally around the privates. He hasn't showered for over a couple of weeks now and doesn't change. He doesn't wash hands, clean teeth, remove and clean dentures. He...
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    Cared for making offensive remarks to me

    I read it too and wish I could help. My OH is not so physically disabled and has moderate bvFTD too. After a weekend where he was unhappy with any of my efforts to do things with him, look after him etc, and he yelled and swore at me several times, I ended up going out for an hour or so and...
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    Hi Jean, welcome to TP! My OH has moderate stage FTD as well. Canary put me onto the ftdsupport site which is excellent for FTD-specific info, and I also find a lot of fantastic general info and support on dementia on TP. I'm a relative newbie but fire away with questions and there will be help! :)
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    So isolated

    I love your post too Willow Tree - am going to print it out. Each day is precious.
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    How cruel is AD

    Upduck, I'm so sorry for your sadness and pain. I had this too with my OH - so hurtful and I considered leaving him many times. It was the illness though and I am happy to report he seems to be through that phase. Hang in there, keep posting here, and know that you are not alone, we are...
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    Feel like a prisoner

    Hi Casbow, yes you must get some time to yourself, and with others as you need the company. It is time for you to see the doctor and get him moving on getting help for you. Can you get whoever will assess him, ie GP, nurse to come and see you at home so you don't have to get him ready to go...
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    The sun is shining yet I feel sad and envious

    It's really hard not to get bogged down in the banality of looking after someone with dementia isn't it, the empty conversations, the loneliness, even sitting in a coffee bar with nothing to say - but here we are, and we need to address it. My goal for tomorrow: Make a to-do list and try...
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    Hi PalSal, I am much newer here but read your posts from the start of this thread, and am so happy that things are somewhat better and you are well yourself. So many of your OH's symptoms match those of mine, although mine is 72, and now I wonder if mine has atypical Alzheimers rather than FTD...
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    You are an inspiration on how to handle pwds Scarlett, thanks! My OH and I have been together 42 years, but he's met everyone he sees on TV at a bar in Spain, on a plane or at a BBQ apparently, and he's travelled to every country in the world - all this must have happened before we met.:D I'll...
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    Bless you all and your dear PDWs, these are so funny! Caught me off-guard, must be my state of mind this week. There is an innocence about them that is so endearing. Can't stop chortling though! As to cruising, gone on the backburner for now ...
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    Immense sense of Loneliness

    Yes I am still trying to arrange some sort of holiday for him - he is very vague and uninterested. The last two were very hard on me not to mention him but after the event he said how he liked them. I still think we need to do something while he can, but what? We picked up some cruise...
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    That's so funny Canary! My OH hasn't quite got there, but he does remark about women and their very large (his words) in a rather loud voice at times. He's lost a bit of weight and I guess everyone looks big now.
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    Hahaha Scarlett! I've been bursting out in laughter over this all day! I do hope the lady laughed, I would have - what a hoot John was for sure! And to be honest as we get older is there anyone who can say they haven't broken wind at the wrong time and hope they've got away with it! Love the...