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    Keeping Clean and Maintaining Dignity

    Teeth Cleaning and Hi Mike's Daughter This is a common problem, and from my recollection one of the hardest things to come to terms with. My mum like your dad was always clean and immaculately presented. Before her illness she took immense pride in her appearance and particularly her teeth...
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    Dilemma over my mums husband

    I am hoping for a little bit of guidance. My mum died just over a year ago. I am just coming to terms with her loss but still miss her everyday. She had been in a CH for two years prior to her death. Her husband (my stepfather), she married him when I was 18 as I went to university and for...
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    Do you remember?

    I understand how you feel Hi Milly I understand how you feel, I lost my mum earlier in the year and I thought / think I am doing all right but the thought of our first Christmas without her saddens me immensely. I think grief does strange things to us and your feelings are completely normal...
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    My beloved mum - RIP

    Thank You Thank you for all your kind words. They are very much appreciated.
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    My beloved mum - RIP

    Hi theunknown, I am sorry for you as I know exactly how you feel in relation to your mum, my mums quality of life had been horrendous for many years and at least she in no longer in torment. I still didn't want her to die but my reasons were selfish and I know she is in a better place. The home...
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    My beloved mum - RIP

    My beloved mum passed away on Sunday. After suffering with dementia for over six years, she was never in a good place with her dementia and even up until a week before she died she was in denial. Whilst our hearts are broken we cannot help feel relief for her as she is no longer in torment...
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    Care funding

    Good advice You have already received a lot of good advice, however, we had a similar problem in so far as my fathers assets via an ISA had been transferred to my mum (long story) and the council would not accept they were not her assets and assessed her accordingly. This meant she had to pay...
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    Holding Care Homes Accountable

    Thank You Thank You all for the advice. :)I decided to discuss my concerns with the CH and they have put in place additional measures to avoid a repeat. Furthermore, they have already advised the QCQ so I feel they have done the best for my mum and the other residents and generally they are a...
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    Holding Care Homes Accountable

    Mum has been a CH for over a year and we recently had a review of her care with the home and her SW. Whilst the review on the whole was positive and we are generally very pleased with her care home and the care she receives. Having said that, we discovered last week that mum had not been given...
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    can anybody help answer some questions please

    Welcome Welcome Onewills TP will really help and there will be people along who will be able to help. My impression is that your nan may be displaying some of the signs of dementia and the MRi and CT scan may show indications hence the need to refer her to a memory clinic for confirmation of...
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    Heart Breaking Self Portraits

    I am not sure whether these pictures have been highlighted previously but I only came across them yesterday. They made me cry as they offered a real insight into the mind of dementia. I hate to think my mum sees the world in this way. These pictures are heart-breaking. "In 1995, U.K.-based...
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    How much worse does it get?

    Cathy I am so sorry you are experiencing such a torrid time. I can empathise with your situation. It seems many of the types of behaviour you experience are similar to the ones my mum experiences. we very rarely now get two visits the same, I know it is all part of this awful illness but it...
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    mum crying, dad depressed, illness affects all

    Empathy I really feel for you. I know exactly what you are going through as many people on TP do. My mum presents in a very similar way. This illness is so cruel. I have learnt to take it one day at time and take each visit as it comes, savour the good days and learn to accept the bad. I hope...
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    Protecting the Parents

    security men I thought the programme was very insightful although one aspect I found particularly uncomfortable about was the treatment of the elderly lady with dementia who acted aggressively on the ward and the ward staff called hospital security. I think the sight of two large men in...
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    Dementia- And wanting to go home

    Thank You Norms Thank you for your post and the insight you bring. My mum constantly says she wants to go home, and still refuses to believe there is anything wrong with her but maybe deep down she knows how ill she is and this her way of coping. You were very young when diagnosed, and I...
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    Please pray!

    My thoughts are with you and your dad.:)
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    Deputy Hi You do not need a solicitor, the process via the COP is cumbersome but can be done without paying a solicitor. Additionally, you may not have to pay an application fee if you are applying for someone on certain benefits or pension tax credits. Worth checking out COP website for...
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    I wish it was a Happy New Year

    Hi Betsy I am sorry you are feeling so low today. I think most people on here will emphasise with how you feel at the moment. This disease is so cruel it impacts our lives in so many ways and I genuinely hope 2014 is a good year for you. Best Wishes :)
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    some advice on TIA strokes?

    Hi Possibly, my mum had a similar incident five years ago. She fell between the gap on the London Underground, she broke her shoulder but since that day her condition has deteriorated in steps which culminate in falls which we could put down to TIA's although its all part of her wider...
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    G 8 Summit on Dementia

    I agree wholeheartedly. My partner has a chronic medical condition and we were both asked by her consultant to present at a UK conference. On a personal level, I found it very emotional to talk openly about how her condition has impacted our lives. For the medical professionals it was extremely...