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    Buying a doll for mum

    My Mum had a doll, nothing special, just a child's toy, but she loved it at first sight. At that time she lived with me and she took it to bed with her every night and carried it around when we were at home. After a few weeks she said she should not have it - I asked her why and she said it was...
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    CHC funding for home care?

    . If you go to the blog section of the website you will be able to access personal stories - see link below- - you will find Peter's story, filed in Feb 2018 about how, he eventually succeeded in getting CHC to care for his wife at home.
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    CHC decision making query

    I will try to keep this as short as possible- 1. My 88 years old mother has severe dementia, Alzheimers disease, and was admitted to hospital last December as an emergency patient due to severe bleeding. The bleeding eventually stopped following numerous blood transfusions and after 4 weeks in...
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    PoA and change of address

    I did, just phoned them up and informed them of my new address. They asked me a couple of questions about info in the PoA e.g where did Mum live when the PoA was made, and my old address and postcode, just to check who I was I suppose but is was very easy and straightforward.
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    Fractured wrist - wants to remove cast

    I had a similar problem with my mother and, after she had removed the cast, which then covered her wrist and forearm, on three occasions, the replacement cast was extended above her elbow - her elbow was bent at a right angle so it was impossible for her to pull the cast off. She also refused to...
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    Bringing mum back to her own home, after 2.5 years in care home, any advice?

    Thanks, Julia. Yes, it can work, particularly when the dementia is still at an early stage, even though the individual concerned might have been suffering with it for years, in my mother's case, 10 years. I have no doubt that had my father, who died about 8 years before my mother started to...
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    Bringing mum back to her own home, after 2.5 years in care home, any advice?

    I brought my Mum out of a care home to live with me in my home and it worked well for over 5 years. Mum was diagnosed in the early stages of alzheimers in 2001. At that time she lived on her own 70 miles away from me and was fully capable looking after herself. In 2003 she decided that she...
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    Can I ... Should I?

    Hi Sam, My Mum sustained a similar injury last year. Her wrist was broken in 4/5 places and, according to the surgeon, was the worst break to a wrist that anyone could have. The bones were manipulated under sedation and a plaster cast was put on her wrist and lower arm. As Mum has severe...
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    Sleep patterns

    This might sound daft but perhaps you could consider getting your Mum a soft toy dog which she could cuddle and take to bed at night. One of the residents in Mum's care home was given a battery operated soft toy dog which moves its head and barks ( when switched on). He loves his dog, has named...
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    Benefits or not of using a solicitor for CHC application

    Following a few weeks in hospital, my mother had re-enablement care in a care home and her care home fees were paid for by social services/CCG until the outcome of her full CHC assessment because they failed to comply with the hospital's discharge procedure and carry out the checklist assessment...
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    What are the implications to a nursing home of safeguarding incidents?

    Unsafe management and administration of medicine is potentially very serious. You could report this and any other concerns that you have to the CQC - they could carry out an unannounced inspection and place restrictions on the home. This happened to the home my mother was placed in. The CQC...
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    Carers Guilt

    Don't feel guilty - you have done your best by looking after him for a long time and he now needs more care than one person can provide. I was finding it increasingly difficult to care for my Mum at home when a medical emergency, unconnected with dementia, resulted in her admission to hospital...
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    Need advice

    Last October Mum's psychiatrist suggested that it was time for Mum to be taken off her dementia medication. I checked online and found that NICE had recently issued advice (I think it was in August 2016) recommending that the use of memantine be continued into the later stages of alzheimers so I...
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    Attendance allowance question

    Apply now on the basis that he needs constant supervision with or without short breaks through the day (and night if it is not safe for him to be left alone at night). If it is not safe for him to go out on his own because he would be likely to get lost and/or be danger to himself or others, put...
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    Getting my mother to drink

    If you have a nearby supermarket with the name beginning with T, they have milkshakes on offer at half price until 4 July. The name of the milkshake begins with F and my Mum likes the banana, strawberry and chocolate flavours.
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    Getting my mother to drink

    My Mum is in a care home and was refusing tea, coffee, fruit juice and squash most of the time. I found that the hot drinks were just too hot for her and the squash didn't taste very pleasant. However, when I bought milkshakes for her she loved them. They are in the chilled section of the...
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    CHC - time point of decision - MDT or CCG?

    My mother was in a similar position and in her case, following the initial assessment, the decision was that there should be a full assessment for CHC. She remains in the nursing home and her fees are being paid by the NHS, pending the full assessment. If the full assessment is that she is not...
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    Help - urgent please - Recommendations for incontinence pull ups for women.

    Boots Staydry pull ups work for my Mum who has bowel problems.
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    Double incontinence?

    My mother has problems with her bowels and from time to time suffers from overflow leakage in which the poo does come out as you describe. Mum's GP was useless, just said that is what happens to people with dementia and would not refer her for tests. I tried a variety of laxatives, under...
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    Attendance Allowance

    It is definitely worth asking for the decision to be reviewed as it might be a case of someone not understanding the needs of someone with dementia. My first application was turned down so I asked for it to be reviewed. My grounds were that Mum was disoriented with regard to place and would...