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    Sad at Christmas

    Sad this Christmas This is my 1st Christmas without my dad as he went to heaven on the 21st September Last year he was in a home and we got to visit him
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    lost swallow

    My dad was a high risk of choking as his swallow well and they put he on a purée diet for his last year x
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    Loss my dad

    Thank you
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    Loss my dad

    Yes I've my mum and brothers and I've a lady from Alzheimer's career group that we go to. I'm doing a memory walk this Saturday in my local park in memory of him as a lady phoned to see if I wanted to cancel it but my dad would have wanted it to go ahead as last year I did the walk and he stolen...
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    Loss my dad

    Thank you it was so sudden but the girls in the home said they were with him. He have a high risk of choking as his swallow was starting to go.
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    Loss my dad

    My dad died suddenly last Monday morning I'm totally heartbroken x