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    Continuing Health Care - any successes in receiving this grant?

    After my & my wife`s experience short answer.....NO. My wife`s sister was the same when she was assessed last April and she was awarded Funded Nursing Care. She was then assessed again on 7 December. She wasn`t violent then but she was bed-ridden, had to be hoisted to be washed & dressed, barely...
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    Continuing health care

    Nearly impossible to get CHC. I said in another post that my SIL was assessed on 7 December. Was bed-ridden, had to be fed & given little drinks, had to be hoisted to be washed, couldn`t communicate & was doubly incontinent. The assessor said she would be awarded FNC but not CHC. My wife & I...
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    Regional differences in care home prices

    My SIL is in a nursing home in Yorkshire. The weekly cost for 2018 is £1077.00. Regarding CHC I doubt if you would get this. My SIL is bed-ridden mostly, has to be hoisted, can`t eat or drink much & is virtually force fed which she then spits out, doesn`t recognise my wife or her brother. doubly...
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    Decrease in eating and drinking

    My Sil is in similar situation. She is virtually bed-ridden now & they try to get her to eat mashed food which she spits out. She also drinks very little of the supplemented drinks. My wife asks them why they virtually force her but, as said, they come out with the hydration bit. A few might...
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    Can I have Mum‘s bank accounts frozen

    After reading your other post, you have no option but to take action. My wife`s sister is in nursing home & self funding. My wife has POA with her brother but we are dealing with all the financial side. I have spreadsheets for everything & can prove to her brother where every penny is going and...
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    My SIL`s home added the FNC, then deducted it, Started at £867 added FNC, deducted it, back to £867. Sounds like my SIL`s home is top range. Yorkshire are supposed to be amongst the lowest according to tables I have seen.
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    Sorry if I didn`t explain myself clearly. My SIL had savings which covered the outstanding amount. There is no way we would have used our savings.
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    When the CHC assessment was done in April, they said that FNC was being awarded because of her violence and, as she had to have a tablet administered by a nurse, she qualified. She is no longer being given those tablets so will not, I think, be assessed as severe for that condition. Don`t know...
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    Thanks for that. My wife said that no way is she looking for another home & when the money has gone, it`s gone. Also, when that happens, if they ask for a top-up, they can take a running jump (or words to that effect !)
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    A financial assessment was not done & neither my wife or her brother have ever signed a contract with the NH until the last one was received. They knew she had her own house. She has no husband and the sale of the house is being completed on Wednesday. Mind you, that won`t last long with those...
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    Another Care Home Fees Thread

    My SIL was admitted into hospital in July 2016 with broken elbow. Whilst in hospital they found she had dementia and was violent. Social Services finally found her a nursing home which would take her that November. The nursing home sent invoices for £130.70 per week to my wife. No contract had...
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    Can you claim expenses?

    My sister-in-law is in a nursing home & self-funding. My wife used a solicitor to register POA & I attended the meeting. I told the solicitor that I would be claiming 40p per mile for cleaning out the house, seeing estate agents etc. The solicitor told me that was ok as the government figure was...
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    LPA - is t necessary?

    I would certainly do it. My SIL had already signed for EPA several years ago & it has taken 5 months to finally get it registered. You need it for nearly everything you want to do.
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    Selling Sister-In-Law`s house. How many valuations needed ?

    Thanks for all the help & advice. Isn`t it nice to know that what SIL is going through & all the stress & work we are having to deal with at our ages (ancient) is for the benefit of the PLC & shareholders of the nursing home. A bit of a rant but it really annoys me.
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    Selling Sister-In-Law`s house. How many valuations needed ?

    Great. Will get valuations from three agents. I have insured house as unoccupied. My wife won`t be looking for stupid high price as proceeds will go to nursing home but she will want to satisfy the OPG. No valuables in her house !!
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    Selling Sister-In-Law`s house. How many valuations needed ?

    My sister-in-law is in a nursing home. After many months my wife has finally got POA. Do you have to get more than one valuation on the house ?
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    Responsibilities/rights re. empty house & contents before CoP deputyship agreed

    All good advice. One thing you must do is inform insurance companies that the house is unoccupied & likely to remain so. Took me some time to sort SIL`s insurance. I also had to turn off gas & electric and drain the water system. if you go with new company, you need date of erection of house...
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    CHC (Continuing Healthcare) support thread

    I`m lost with all I have read on this subject. I wondered how my SIL would go on with CHC funding. She can be very violent. She was taken to hospital 3 times from the nursing home recently & hit nurses & doctors with the walking stick on 2 visits On the 3rd visit, the NH sent her without her...
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    Funding query

    Another query. Are my wife & her brother allowed to see the result of any assessment carried out & can they demand another assessment ?