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    I love him dearly but I'm sick of him...............

    You are not alone, the person I have known and loved, mostly, for nearly half a century has gone and in his place I have a difficult bolshie three year old in the healthy body of a 74 year old. He has no inkling that there is anything wrong but isn't interested in anything but following me, (I...
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    Mum thinks there are two of me

    My husband thought there were at least two, sometimes three of me and if he could see us all together he could work out which is the "real" one! I think it's called capgas syndrome. He didn't seem particularly upset about it but I did feel as though my identity was in question. This phase has...
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    How to introduce respite?

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I feel more confident with these ideas to go ahead with respite. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
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    How to introduce respite?

    I have booked respite for my husband, (74 5yrs into diagnosis of Alzheimers) at the end of August. The home looks excellent and the staff were great when I visited. I think he will be well looked after and they are clear they can manage his difficult and challenging behaviour (I spared them...
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    What would other people do ?

    I know the dilemma you are in. Last year we went on a cruise, five days only, around the Norwegian fjords. My OH is very fit and disappeared on a number of occasions, including during the night. The cruise was aimed at older people and the crew were obviously used to rounding up those who got...
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    so tired!

    Thank you Frank for your response. We go to the Alzheimer's memory café in Havant but OH refuses to leave my side. He has (under protest) one day a week at a day centre (I pay for this) and 2 x 3 hour sessions through the Take a Break Scheme in Hants. He goes to bed at 11.30 (has a sleeping...
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    so tired!

    Thanks for your responses, liked the idea of a pay rise but would settle for time off in lieu!
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    so tired!

    Thanks to you both for suggestions. We have a memory clinic appointment in a couple of weeks - these appointments have always been helpful though now reduced from every six months to every nine months and I will bring it up there. His GP is not helpful - I know more about Alzheimers than he...
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    so tired!

    Perhaps I shouldn't say this and it's always sad to see someone deteriorate but my OH doesn't seem to sleep at all - up at night, dressed (in a peculiar assortment of clothes, clean and dirty, mine and his) and ready to go at 5.a.m. He isn't able to do anything except wander round after me...
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    Carer's Assessmnt .... what's the point?

    I had a carer's assessment and now have 2x3 hours per week when my husband is taken out and I can have some time to myself and get things done which are impossible to do when he is there. This is not means tested as he is over the limit for funding. I live in Hampshire but on the border with...
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    Has anyone else donated a brain to 'Brains for Dementia' ???

    I have tried to register for brain donation on behalf of myself and OH, who has Alzheimers. I live in the south east of England but come under London for the purposes of brain donation for research. When I attempted to register I was told, very gently, that they didn't have the funds to cover...
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    Travel insurance

    I've found both Saga and Age Concern to be helpful. Have a great hol.
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    Alzheimers cafe

    We go regularly to the local Memory Café and it has been a lifesaver - for me at least. Ken claims he doesn't enjoy it but as he doesn't remember much about it, I take that with a pinch of salt as he makes no objections to going. The "Cared For" have an activity and the carers sometimes have...
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    Suppose I lose It Radio 4

    I heard it and found it stimulating though my OH left the room as he obviously didn't want to be reminded of what is happening to him. I did feel that they were talking about the over 80s (my OH is 72, diagnosed for 5 years) and presented it as little more than a mild inconvenience. I'm all...
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    Lost that loving feeling

    I think many of us feel like this. Someone once said to me that the soul never dies but the personality is what we deal with on a day to day level and that can be truly exhausting when your OH has Alzheimers. Not only can my OH be unpleasant and difficult, I am expected to entertain him...
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    sunset 11

    I do understand how difficult it is to keep your temper (and sometimes your own sanity) when your OH has Alzheimers. In a similar position, I feel very angry and resentful that, at the time of my life when I expected to have some relaxation, to find that I have to deal with a difficult...
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    Holiday clothes

    Oh yes, there is no difference between clean and dirty clothes as far as my OH is concerned. If I can whip the dirty ones away for washing I do. If I can't, he wears them again - and really that is the least of my problems.....
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    Where have all these people come from????

    This is so familiar. We have regular visits from people I don't see, members of the family, living (sometimes as far away as the States) and dead. My OH seems unperturbed by them, and accepts that they have passed through the house and gone home when I tell him that. Once the Queen came when...
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    First time posting!

    I think you have to decide how safe he is left on his own. My husband is 72, very fit other than the AD, but leaves the front door open, asks strangers in and leaves the iron on etc. etc..... But I still go out occasionally for short periods without him (helps to keep me sane, apart from...
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    This has been my experience too, but it's difficult to measure anything like this.