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    Moving to Gloucester

    Thanks Izzy. I spoke to Altzheimer's help line a few days ago, and they suggested putting a comment on here to see if anyone from Gloucester had any views on dementia support. They were themselves very helpful. Trouble for me and my husband is that we will be moving to UK after being away for 15...
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    Moving to Gloucester

    My husband has bv Frontotemporal Dementia. He is 62. I am thinking to move to Gloucester area. Does anyone know what support is like for dementia in that area, please?
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    Why does he keep cutting his hair!

    My husband was diagnosed with Dementia last year at the age of 60. I am getting used to this different way of life, and dealing with his obstinate ways, but EVERY day MANY times, he goes in the bathroom and cuts bits off his hair. There is always hair over the floors and on his clothes. He also...