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    Difficult Few Days

    Hi Rustyangel, I know you wrote that months ago but I just had to say I lost my dad August 2007 and like you I went straight back to work after being very practical. Now I am really struggling. I miss him so much even though most of my more recent memories are marred by the dementia. I...
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    It's Alan's operation tomorrow

    Hi, I hope Alan's operation went well and that you are both well. I remember my dad having to have an operation and it was like a military manouver, but he was okay afterwards. thinking of you both Doyley:
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    New message

    Thank you for being there and for the welcome Doyley
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    New message

    Thank you for being there at this time of night. I think I find it difficult as the first year hasn't been that difficult but now I am finding it hard. I am now remembering more about dad as he was before the dementia instead of feeling relieved that it was over for me and him. I am now missing...
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    New message

    Hi, This is my first message and in a way I feel really strange posting it now. Both my parents had dementia. Mum was 58 year old when she first showed the signs of Alzheimers. She died in 1998, after 13 years of the illness. Ded was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's five years ago...