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    How do you get your young husband diagnosed?

    Keep fighting. Insist on seeing a Consultant who specialises in memory assessments. We were fobbed off for years - my dad failed to recover fully from routine surgery. By the time we had a diagnosis at 60 it was too late to commence many medications. The earlier specialist help is in place...
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    I've done a stupid, stupid thing

    Cruel honesty.....? You haven't messed up and you are certainly not stupid. You are simply tip toeing through an emotional mindfield,and trying to avoid an explosion. Most of us have been there. Regrettably there is no easy answer. My dad is 72 , and has had vascular dementia for 12 years...
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    No sensation in feet

    Peripheral neuropathy You will be well aware that peripheral neuropathy is common in diabetes. I have not heard of it being reported in vascular dementia. It may however be a direct result of the stroke which can affect both motor and sensory function. Even statins can affect sensation...
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    Statement in support of CHC application

    CHC statement Hello, I'm a bit confused. Who has asked for the statement and why? I have personal experience of two relatives requiring CHC funding and was never asked to do this. In a professional role I have previously been called upon to sit on CHC panel - but again have never been...
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    power of attorney

    A&e Go get 'em ! Be strong. Be well prepared. List your questions and concerns in advance. Be clear about what it will take to resolve your concerns. Finally - take a friend or relative who can keep will be stressed and forget loads. Good luck
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    bruises, A&E, new care home.

    A&e You only have to read , compare and contrast the reports on nurse Beverly Allitt and GP Harold Shipman. Beverley Gail Allitt was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children. The crimes were...
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    power of attorney

    Complaints You absolutely DO NOT require POA to complain on your mothers behalf. You are legally entitled to do so as next of kin. In Wales you need to read WAG guidance: There will be...
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    confused, sad and angry about mum

    Support for parents Been there very recently. Awful situation to be in. My dad deteriorated very suddenly after 10 year diagnosis of memory loss/mild dementia. He moved on to the moderate stage - with almost identical symptoms to your mum quite literally overnight. Speak to your family GP...
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    bruises, A&E, new care home.

    A&e Unfortunately this is not a rare occurance - its happening up and down the UK as we speak.I speak from personal experience - and with 27 years NHS service under my belt. Just wait to read the Staffordshire Public Inquiry results. If you are in England write to the CQC - In Wales to the...
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    Don't really know how things will pan out..

    Results reporting delay I'm guessing you may have had the result by now???? I have learnt the hard way that you have to fight for everything when it comes to demenia care. As a seasoned Health Care Professional I have been appauled by standards within my own organistaion - to the point...
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    Feeling a miserable so and so

    Support Don't apologise for "moaning"....this is a support forum .....full of like minded people who all want to walk together along the long and winding road that is dementia. One step at a time is the best any of us can hope for. Try and find the courage and strength to ask for practical...
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    advice and help for mum and rights where my father involved

    "Rights" of children I'm assuming that your parents are still legally married? If that is the case he is legally next of kin / nearest relative as far as MHSOP service providers are concerned. Do you know why he is opposing the transfer? Is it only a financial issue? Is he getting help to...