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    Help!! Where's my dad gone

    My dad goes to day center two days a week and is with my grandfather two mornings a week all while my mum is at work. My mum won't accept any help in the home unless by me. She is a fit & active 60 year old who is due to retire in a month. Unfortunately she says she married him for better...
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    MMSE score at initial diagnosis

    Hi My Dad was diagnosed with AD 8 years ago and there is no consistancy with his results they go up & down depending on his mood. My dad's consultant has confirmed that there is no scientific way to monitor this illness so really its down to the carer's own observations and experiences...
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    Help!! Where's my dad gone

    I have only just joined this forum. I am an only child of a marriage that has lasted over 40 years. My father was diagnosed with AD nearly 8 years ago when he was 57, ever since then I have gone through so many different emotions. Majority of them wanting to protect & support my mother...