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    Very Early age dementia in Down's syndrome.

    minky hello jilljay i have just joined and i feel in a turmoil i dont know where to go or who to talk to if i meet anyone now who is a carer with e.g, learning difficulties etc i just seem to zoom in on them hoping that they can reassure me i did yesterday in town while we were shopping. my...
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    thanks pat will do x
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    thanks for your replies it seems weird that there are people out there that know what im on about! even though ive only just touched the tip of it. a dr that deals with dementia diagnosed sandras dementia and refered us back to our gp who mentioned a memory clinic we have heard nothing else...
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    hello i have just joined talking point my sister who has downesyndrome has now got you can imagine its hard enough to care for someone with learning difficulties without the added worry of dementia.sandra lives with my hubby and me she has done for 16 years i just know nothing about...