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    I'm confused

    Thank YOu Thank you to all of you. I have to bite bullet and not be so soft. I have CCTV in the house and he has just left, so I'll now go and pick her up to take her to the meeting. Here goes..................
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    I'm confused

    I feel so guilty looking after my Mum. She does not think that there is anything wrong with her. She lives alone with her cat and dog. Walks the dog in the park every day. My brother and I go every day separately and take her out to eat as she does not eat at home and has been malnourished...
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    Pets and dementia

    My Mum lives alone with her dog and cat and when asked by doctors what is important. It is her Dog, cat and then me. ;) She is on the edge of needing help/company during the day and encouraging to eat. I've been told that care agencies won't visit unless the dog can be put in another room...
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    Dad is losing so much weight

    So hard to watch Hi My mum is the same. Luckily she is at home with her dog, but the weight loss is amazing as she does not sit still. We have found that if my brother takes her to the cafe in the morning/lunch time and I take her in the evening after work we can maintain the weight. She...
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    Feeling sorry for myself.

    Also Feeling sorry for myself Your all so right. I battle to keep mum's weight up and she just had chest infection and lost 1stone in a week. She lived on her own with the dog and cat. I spend all day with her Saturday and Sunday and visit after work 2 nights a week to make sure she eats. My...
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    Light boxes

    Hi sad light worked on my mum before she got all alzheimers. I've just bought another one, but she thinks it's too bright. And turns it off. not sure what to do next as she lost weight last winter because of the blues.
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    new tests

    Hi my mum has only done 1 type of test over 3 years. 3years ago she scored 76, 6mth after that she scored 72 and 2months ago she scored 55. I had to ask for her to be retested. Recent memory poorer wonderful verbal skills. even nurse spoke to her in earnest about stuff and she chatted...
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    memory clinic

    My mum was discharged from memory clinic 2 yrs ago on 20mg of mematine and a memory score of 73. she lives in private rented house with a dog and cat on her own and that keeps her going. I visit twice a week after work to take her to cafe. Every saturday to setup tablets and spend day taking...
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    Things I do to help me care for mum remotely.

    Hi I don't know if this will be useful, but I've had to work out some fixes to support mum remotely. 1. Keep pictures of her remote controls and anything else she may phone up about on your mobile. it is easier to talk her through what buttons to press to get her programs back on tv. 2...
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    Clock with day and date?

    Sorry it wouldn't let me put in link until I'd done more that 10posts. It was from amazon, called Day Clock "Cambrian" by Dayclox. I looked at lots of others, but she has know idea about days of week or time in general. So this seemed to work.
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    Feeling guilty

    I went through this 2years ago. My only advice is it gets better when you can accept him as he is. It was so hard I kept trying to make mum back into the person she was before and crying that I wanted my Mum back. Once I'd read some stuff on the alzheimers website, spoke to many other...
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    Unsure I've made the right decision

    I like the demential friends advert I read in the paper this week. It described the brain as being like a string of fairy lights. Some are on all the time, some blink on/off and others are now off forever. So true. Keep on caring, that's what we do. Good Luck.
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    Clock with day and date?

    This clock with days on has worked for me. I got this clock for mum as she has no idea about date/time etc and got confused with other clocks. This is propped up in bathroom by her tablets. I phone her every morning and get her to check the clock against her tablets. Most days she has...
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    Groundhog day

    Hi, Maybe a little late. But I have picture of the remotes on my mobile phone. When Mum calls I just talk her through which buttons to press. I do have problems explaing that she has turned the power of from the wall. My 1st question is always "is there a light on the box under the Tv"...