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  1. danonwheels

    New thing happening... does anyone else have this?

    Yes this happens to me too. Wake up drenched some mornings.
  2. danonwheels


    Ahhh so it makes sense thgen. Thanks for replying, that's reassuring. I have my first appointment with this new team sometime next week and no idea what they're going to do - my biggest worry is that they might decide to lock me up although I've been assured that's a last resort. At the...
  3. danonwheels

    Talking books

    There's an organisation called Listening Books which provides audio books for free to certain people, including people with dementia. Their site is at I use Audible from Amazon and pay £7.99/month for a credit to exchange for one audio book per month. Some months I...
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    I've read a few bits and bobs that seem to suggest psychosis (hallucinations and delusions) are a part of Alzheimers for some people. Just wondering how true this is? I've been recently diagnosed with psychosis and my GP has referred me to the same people I'm under for my alzheimers but a...
  5. danonwheels

    Weighte Blanket

    Hi Sue, yes I'm one and the same. They're not cheap - mine was supposed to be £130 but after waiting a couple of days they sent me a code to tempt me to complete the purchase with 10% off so I paid £115 but my partner had given me £50 for my birthdfay recently so it really only cost me £65...
  6. danonwheels

    Weighte Blanket

    Will do. The one I'm getting is 26.5lbs, or around 12kg. They're supposed to be helpful for people with dementia and various other issues and apply a comforting pressure on the user.
  7. danonwheels

    Weighte Blanket

    I'm getting a weighted blanket soon, can't wait!
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    Thanks, yes I have MS as well among other issues and I've posted the same question on some Facebook groups, just trying to get a balanced response from as many angles as I can really. Thank you, I haven't posted for a while but not sure why. I've been reading and replying to some posts as far...
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    I've been self-catheterising for about 10 years now but have asked my continence service about the possibility of having a supra-pubic catheter installed instead as I'm struggling with coordination and remembering how to catheterise properly. Anyone else had or has similar? Any idea what to...
  10. danonwheels

    Dementia, Driving assessment and Insurance.

    I found myself in a similar situation the other year - after diagnosis my license was revoked with no assessment. This was done by DVLA and I now know they did this to a few thousand people and that they shouldn't have done this. A large complaint was made and eventually I had an assessment...
  11. danonwheels

    Need for a wheelchair?

    Ask GP for a referral to wheelchair services, who will do an assessment and possibly provide a wheelchair free of charge. I've been using a wheelchair for 13 years now due to MS and it's not a step back but is a liberation. However I'd ask your wife for her views if she is capable of making...
  12. danonwheels

    Is it worth me learning something new?

    Absolutely go for it. I got my level 1 BSL qualification not long after diagnosis and have since gained the level 2 as well. It's not easy but is fun.
  13. danonwheels

    Waterproof duvet covers...............

    I have one on my bed that has a zip fastening at the bottom. It came as part of a set from Argos which costs £14.99 and comes with a mattress and 2 pillow protectors as well.
  14. danonwheels

    Driving license

    Yes, I'm one of them. For how long I don't know but I'm making the most of it for now.
  15. danonwheels

    Return to sender

    Sounds like a good experience and well done.
  16. danonwheels

    New Wheelchair

    I can ask them, that's a good idea thanks. My old one is really old and falling apart, my GP noticed and referred me for a new one. The new one is similar in style to my old one, just bigger and has a higher backrest so takes a bit more getting in. THank you.
  17. danonwheels

    New Wheelchair

    I was issued a new wheelchair yesterday by wheelchair services and am struggling getting it in and out of my car. My old one I've had for about 9 years (might be more or less than that) and I had a routine of how to get it in and out the car. This new one is quite a bit bigger and has more to...
  18. danonwheels

    This is so much harder than I thought !

    Might be worth getting the phone number for the consultant's secretary and chasing it up via them. They are generally very helpful, if a little distracted at times. Technically they can, but experience shows this is unlikely as the DWP tend to take the easy way out and do as little as possible.
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    The Inner Song

    Love it, so descriptive I can almost feel I'm there. Thank you.
  20. danonwheels

    HMRC Help

    Wow glad it's not just me that finds them confusing then. After all that above they've not actually sent me the form and stuff they said they would so maybe they've realised it was an error or something. I don't know. Life's too short to worry about such things really.