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    when is it time for a dementia sufferer to go into care?

    I feel for you - I too have had to make decisions on my own over the last monh and eventually got mum into a care home - you know the hardest part is with ourselves and allowing acceptance that we have done the right thing - that these poor souls need 24hour help and there is never a right time...
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    Mam in Care Home

    my mother too went into a care home recently I understand just how you feel Roma - I have struggled over the past month and hope I am now beginning to come to terms with the change for us all. Mam seems to be coping better than I expected but then she does notice the more severely confused...
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    where can I buy a calendar clock

    many thanks for all your help - I have managed to find one at - mam thinks it will help we will have to see but anything is worth a try to make her life a little easier.
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    where can I buy a calendar clock

    My mam needs a bedside calendar clock(face not digital, ideally alarm battery. When she wakes up she doesn't know what day it is and gets confused as to what her routine for the day is. Could anyone please help me find where to get one? Thanks.