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    Confused about self funding

    This is the part we don't understand even though they have explained it They pay the CH directly at the local authority rate, we receive aa and mum's pension which we use to off set the repayments at the end. But what is confusing the local authority rate per week is much less than what the care...
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    Confused about self funding

    Good evening everyone, We are getting very confused about funding care for our mum. At present our county council is paying for her care at the local authority rate and we pay some towards it. Dad passed away, 6 months ago and so mum's house either had to be sold or deferred payments made...
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    LA Funding deferred

    Good morning everyone Can any shread any light on local authority funding for care after the 12 week period. We are nearing the stage where we have to make the decision to either sell the house or sign contracts for the council to defer payment. My question is, the council will continue to pay...
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    Distressing to watch

    Hello all, It has been a while since my last post, simply because I'm finding mum in laws decline distressing at times. We had take mil away for a few days mainly for my husband and I to scatter dad's ashes in his and mum's favourite seaside place, although mum did enjoy herself, she wasn't...
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    Dad passed away

    They have said they will support us in our choice there is no right or wrong way. Dad to be looking at her, today she said she is cross with him and they not speaking, H x
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    Dad passed away

    Hello all, My father in law, passed away on Wednesday, we haven't told mum who has dm, the funeral is not till 1st August so a couple of weeks away yet, the plan is to tell mum a few days before and let her attend the funeral. This is a very hard decision to have to make. At the moment she is...
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    Probable last goodbye

    We made the right decision, they were loving and kissing one another, mum as innocent as could be, dad was happy to see her. We stayed as long as we could. Their last goodbye x
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    Probable last goodbye

    We are taking mum to see dad today. We pray for strength, compassion and love. Thank you everyone
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    Dealing with your loved one not remembering they have cancer

    The hospital are looking to see the extent of his cancer and work out his medication, its how we deal with mum and her dementia on what we feel will be their last meeting. It so sad.
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    Probable last goodbye

    Hello everyone, Wednesday dad had another fall at home, he has steadily become weaker since mum's admission to the care home became permanent. Over the last few weeks he has been clearing out mums things from the house, letters, things mum had hoarded, we believe this has exhausted him and he...
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    Mum terrified Again!!

    Hi all thank you so much for your lovely comments, the meeting went well, the will move mum to another room where there are more ladies who have same stage dementia as mum, so at least she should be able to have some company on same level of communication needs. The ss worker has noted the...
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    Mum terrified Again!!

    Hi all, What should we do, once again the same male resident with dm entered mums room in the evening, placing his hands on her and terrified her again, this is the third time, a second pressure mat was placed in mums room by her door so anyone going in the alarm would go off, but they don't...
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    Mum's Screaming meltdown

    Just when you think you have let the home know about mums needs and believe they have understood it all goes up in the sky. Yesterday mum had a very lucid day, knew she was in a CH, was adamant she wasn't staying there was shouting and swearing to leave, even pulled up her skirt saying she would...
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    Week two of CH

    Thank you canary for your kind words. It is good to be able to just talk it through. H
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    Week two of CH

    I worked in dementia CH, what I have to realise is the dementia is taking it course, I now have to accept that next stage, so difficult, it is quite bizarre having worked in the industry to then be on the opposite side, I always have a broad smile on my face and am upbeat in front of mum, it's...
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    Week two of CH

    Hello all We are now entering into the second week of mum going into the care home, I. Know its really early days, but mum isn't settling in at all, tonight she has asked the staff the check and re check the doors and windows so no one can get in. She has said today she feels quite sad and...
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    Feeling angry and disappointed

    It has been so overwhelming, yes let's keep fingers cross now that issues have been ironed out. X thk u.
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    compulsive walking

    I would imagine walking is either therapeutic or continually searching, going some place, needing to be somewhere. A previous rambler would prefer a flush rather than the Bush, so maybe interrupt with a toilet break then off again, after so many miles ramblers stop for a coffee, tea, snack...
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    Care Plan - what are my chances??

    It is only the use of language you use instead of telling social services you want respit you tell then you need a placement, this can be temporary for 4 weeks or permanent. So at the assessment you would need to keep saying about the pwd care needs etc.