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    Carer ratio

    Thanks Maureen, that's useful info. I know Mum is no angel and can appreciate that it was probably 'six of one and half a dozen of the other' but she does not bruise easily and has one very large grab mark, a peppering of smaller ones on both forearms, one on her jaw and several small scratches...
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    Carer ratio

    Does anybody know if there is a ratio of carers to residents which should apply in care homes? I was shocked to return from holiday and find my Mum has a number of bruises apparently caused by another resident, but it seems no carer was near enough to a) see exactly what happened or b) step in...
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    Dad has gone

    Deepest sympathies to those left behind. Your Dad is whole again and free. Hope this will bring some comfort. Sent from my iPad using Talking Point
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    Good days

    How lovely! Hug that visit in your heart and store it for the tough times
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    Advice Please - Nursing home

    Is your Mum self-funding? If not, I would have thought she should be provided with all she needs to be able to take a full part in the life of the CH. I can't believe the staff don't know how to handle and move your Mum. Is she receiving nursing care? I'd also ask to see a timetable of...
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    What do you miss the most

    I'm some years older than my siblings. I miss the shared memories of my early life that only Mum knew about. Dad died 29 years ago, so she was the only one I could talk to about those vast Norfolk skies and long sandy beaches, arriving in Australia and knowing no-one, how Dad used to hold me in...
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    Grewt ideas thanks
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    My Mum is in hospital where she has been for a couple of weeks now. She is in a single room with its own bathroom, which should be a good thing. Trouble is Mum is very passive, doesn't demand attention and consequently doesn't get much. There is no tv, we have taken a radio in for her but she...
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    Dreading the next visit

    Wow! It's so reassuring to see other people with exactly the same issues. Am off to visit my Auntie in her CH on Monday and wondering what the reception will be. She doesn't get angry, but upset and agitated. Even when I speak to her on the phone she'll say she doesn't know where she is but she...
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    Can you do too much for the person you are caring for?

    Let them be as independent as you feel is safe. Independent can be in little things. I have keys to Mum's house but always ring the doorbell, so she can let me in. I expect her to unlock the door herself when I take her home, despite the coaching she then needs to get the key in the lock the...