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    Attendance allowance and self funder

    Hi my mum is in a care home since march last year my dad would like to know if anyone can answer/advise on the following: Attendance allowance - can it be included by the local authority in full as part of my mums income effectively extending the period of time for which she is deemed to...
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    Help please

    *******help needed***** Hi All thank you all so much for taking the time to read my post and to reply. I will take your advice and contact Alzheimers Society. etc. Mum is is a real home body but it will do her the world of good to be around other people so hopefully i get her to a group. I...
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    Help please

    Hi I would appreciate any help. My mum is 72 and has Alzheimers, my Dad works part time. I work and have a young daughter and we see her twice a week but she is very lonely and this upsets her and me (although i dont show it) My Mum and Dad havent got the most loving and caring relationship...