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  1. DeMartin

    When will I know it’s time for a care home?

    I can relate to the hearing aids. Mum’s next door neighbour “ came in and stole them”. Mum’s in a care home now, and the hearing aids are with mum, not that she “needs” them, she also can hear a pin drop, certainly hears me speaking to the carers.
  2. DeMartin

    Christmas cards,

    After my mum went into a care home (vascular dementia) 2017, I wrote to family and friends giving them my contact information and the situation. Those that responded got a card this year, but only from me. Mum showed no inclination to send cards, and she had been an avid 50 card sender.
  3. DeMartin

    are funeral plans secure?

    I’m sorry I didn’t realise it was your first post, there is a thread called Welcome to TP, it’s highlighted in pink, probably a few pages back, you may get more responses posting there, more people will see it, and give more assistance.
  4. DeMartin

    are funeral plans secure?

    I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. If you go with a prepaid funeral plan consider your wishes, and write them down. Type of service, hymns, cremation or burial. It’s tough to think of these things, but if family do not know your wishes it can cause discord in a family at a sad enough time. My...
  5. DeMartin

    Is this part of Dementia?

    Mum used deflection, when asked about name of prime minster, began talking about Churchill’s funeral.
  6. DeMartin


    Mum, no Wi-fi, no computer used to chat with them, “ how’s the weather where you are, I love your accent , is it from (wherever), mostly they hung up on her. I use the “I’m renting this house” Certainly cuts down on calls
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    They look good, thanks
  8. DeMartin


    Up date on the slipper hunt. Mum had been wearing Velcro sandals but her feet got so swollen that they were no longer safe, and the staff had “mislaid “ them for safety her favourite tennis like shoes were separating from the soles. I’d been trying to get rid of them for ages, I managed to...
  9. DeMartin

    Yet another scam phone cal

    Well done for removing the security numbers on the card, I actually mentioned this to a member of bank staff who’d never heard of it.
  10. DeMartin

    What would you say to 'I'll be home for Christmas'?

    Just a lighter post, earlier this year, Mum said she wanted to go home NOW. I looked out of the window and said “in this” Yes, horizontal snow shower! So she decided to wait a few days. I lucked out that day with my reason why not that time.
  11. DeMartin

    Lorazepin - impossible to cut tablets

    It does come as a syrup, according to search engine, but the dose is 1mg in 1cc, so still a very small quantity. As always, ask a pharmacist, if local one no help try another. There must be a solution.
  12. DeMartin

    Lorazepin - impossible to cut tablets

    Are you using a pill cutter, available in pharmacies, designed specifically to cut tiny pills.
  13. DeMartin

    Christmas Cards

    Mum’s in a CH. Last year I sent cards to every person in her address book whose name I recognised. (In fact I’ve been doing the same this evening) with a brief note about mum’s illness. Any cards she/I received that I had not sent to, I responded to. (If I had an address) Mum prided herself on...
  14. DeMartin

    Please don't throw me away, breaking my promise

    @kindred I love reading your posts, your beloved is in one “wild” care home.
  15. DeMartin

    Winter Fuel Payment

    Mum (in CH) has been awarded winter fuel payment, it’s in an interest bearing account, and there it will stay until needed. I have quite enough problems with her finances without looking for more with the pensions people.
  16. DeMartin

    care home niggles

    The knicker Hunt is over, as suspected, all packed ready for our trip north today! Pity it’s snowing “somewhere” up north so trip postponed a few days. Other excuse........need to book seats, need to bring big suitcases, cold, rain etc etc. Latest problem is swollen feet, home have “mislaid “...
  17. DeMartin

    Sudden urgency to pee!

    OH had urgency, diagnosis diabetes. He wore pads until stabilised, then only on long flights, never needed them, but felt more secure wearing them.
  18. DeMartin

    care home niggles

    My mother, who used to have immaculate drawers, is a packer, she packs and unpacks every couple of days, so some days all is tidy, other days a tip. One of my grouches with the care home is other people’s underwear in amongst Mum’s. Most of hers is labelled with embroided tape, no mistaking it...
  19. DeMartin

    Mum is now pre-diabetic

    There are sugar free sweets out there. The sweetener unfortunately can have laxative properties. Boots, Holland and Barrett, M&S, Polos all have SF versions. Some “old fashioned sweet shops” also do SF versions of the older type sweets.