Talking Point Help

Please note that some of the features of Talking Point have changed since our Help videos were produced. The videos still contain lots of useful information about using and finding your way around Talking Point, however.

Meet the Talking Point team

The Talking Point team is made up of Alzheimerís Society staff and volunteers.

Volunteers are key to the smooth running of Talking Point: we couldnít run the service without our dedicated teams of Hosts and Moderators.

All Talking Pointís volunteers have personal experience of dementia.

What do Hosts do?

Our Hosts volunteer alongside the Talking Pointís moderating team. They help us provide extra support to the forum, and enable us to provide a better, and more responsive service.

Hosts support Talking Point by:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Helping to direct members to useful resources
  • Explaining how to carry out basic tasks on Talking Point.

Who are Talking Pointís Hosts?

Click here to read the individual biographies of Talking Pointís Hosts.

What do Moderators do?

Volunteer Moderators help to provide a welcoming and safe environment for people affected by dementia; they provide support to forum members and enforce forum rules when necessary.

Moderators support Talking Point by:

  • Providing ongoing support to members
  • Ensuring that Talking Pointís rules are followed, and removing inappropriate messages when necessary (e.g. Ďspamí or advertising)
  • Contributing to discussions about Talking Pointís development.

Who are Talking Pointís moderators?

Click here to read the individual biographies of Talking Pointís moderators.

The Talking Point staff team

Talking Point also has three full-time members of staff, called Administrators.

Administrators are Alzheimerís Society staff, whose role it is to ensure that Talking Point is running safely and smoothly. Administrators provide support to forum members, volunteer hosts and volunteer moderators, and enforce forum rules when necessary.

You can read more about our staff team by clicking here.

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