Hospital - Covid/pneumonia - late stages - end of life?

Confused Kat

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Dec 24, 2023
So dear FIL 87 done really well til now - was mobile before going into hospital - just personal care that needed support really and urine, incontinence. Unfortuately, he caught Covid and seems pnemonia. Been in hospital a week - some improvements. Still on oxygen, steriods and IV antibiotics. Wonder if these will be stopped soon as the infection will be deemed to have cleared - he has not temperature now? He's not very with it though, weak. tired and semi-conscious and is bedbound at the moment. I might be cynical but they will probably want his bed back if no acute medical needs.
Any advice on how to prepare for discharge? Assume they might support with some reablement for some weeks initally and then assess needs longer-term following recovery? Just trying to plan ahead so we can be prepared if they will be able to do that at home or in a care setting. I do feel that this is really the beginning of the end and want to ensure he has all he needs. Any advice or tips on being prepared for discharge - if we get to that point. I lost my dad this time last year - was torture navigating the systems but he was younger and died of cancer.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
I'm so sorry to hear about your dad @Confused Kat . Covid does horrible things to elderly people - expecially those with dementia. His temperature may have come down, but he may still have the infection. Last time I caught Covid I was testing positive for 14 days! I do hope he is on the road to recovery

I think you can only wait and see how he goes. Discharge 2 assess may well be offered, but nothing will be set in stone at this point