Hello,Has anyone tried to get compensation from the Court of Protection for wrongly selling
a property to pay care home fees?My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2004,she went into a care home in 2005.I was appointed her Deputy and ordered by the Court of Protection to sell her property to pay for care home fees.My mother died in 2009 after having paid £128,000+ to the care home.Since then the NHS are doing retrospective reviews on care fees and have repayed some people who should of had their care paid for by the NHS.My question is this,has anyone who have been repayed these costs tried to get compensation for the wrongful selling of a property which initially paid care home fees?
I have tried to get an answer from the Court of Protection,they are reluctant to give a definative answer,but did say no one has tried to claim compensation for wrongful selling
of a property,I find that hard to believe.Can anyone shed more light on this subject?