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    Hi everyone,

    You can actually take out a third party mandate with bank/building society accounts without an EPA, either registerered or unregistered. At least, mum's bank offers this service. I have been an account signatory with her bank and building society for nearly a year and we have only just decided to make and EPA. It's a good alternative for anyone who just needs to handle day to day finances. Also, as I have discovered, as long as the person gives consent to their creditors either over the telephone or in writing, you can sort their bills for them too. Utility companys etc, just want to get their money so will work around the Data Protection Act as far as they are allowed. Mum is just about capable to have the phone passed to her and confirm her name to them, then the phone comes back to me and we do business. It's worked well so far.


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    I also have a third-party mandate with my mother's bank - it's Ok (not great, but I think that's the bank). The downside is that 3rd parties are not, strictly speaking, allowed to use on-line banking, while attorney's should be (I say should because that doesn't always work eihter)

    To add to clymout's point - I have had great success using conference calls (aka 3 way calls) when I've needed to speak to someone on my mother's behalf but haven't been with my mother. They're not cheap, but a lot cheaper than flying across the atlantic


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    Just received our EPA


    I have just received in the post from the solicitor our original EPA, along with several certified one.

    This was signed on Friday am; the solicitor visited the retirement home and my sister and I and mum all signed (my sis and I are joint attorneys). The solicitor's covering letter to me stated that he found my mum to be 'very well'. (Think that is relevant!)

    For this the solicitor charged us 88 which I though was very good. I deliberately chose a solicitor very local to the home (in fact he walked there from his office), so perhaps that kept the cost down.

    He advised that the certified EPA is sufficient to sell her flat so I too am confused about what the need is for it to be registered.

    Sis and I will be visiting the bank and building society in the next couple of days so that we are able to access her funds to pay her retirement home costs. I suppose we will find out then whether we need to register it soon.

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    WArning Warning Warning!!!

    Be very careful about showing this unregistered EPA to the bank: you could end up with a frozen bank account. I have PM'd you with the name of the bank that more than one member has found to be particularly unhelpful in this area: if it's them, I would strongly suggest that you start the registration now.


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    Totally agree with Jennifer........

    I did a drop visit on the banks today with the registered form in hand.....no warning......had already had 3rd party / joint provisions on accounts AND online banking without mentioning the unregistered EPA, BUT with Dads earlier written approval.

    This drop visit didn't require a freezing of accounts ( although as Jennifer implies it might / would if you speak to them too early ) and all went sweet, all sorted. This was with a large high street bank and large high street Building Society.

    I do firmly believe the transition, at this difficult time, was slick easy because I said noffink to no-one before that stamped document arrived in my grubby hands


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    I've used an unregistered EPA with one of the big four banks and three well known building society's with no problems for the last 3 years. I can sign cheques, withdraw cash and move money about, but I am not supposed to use the ATM card, although in practice I think they would have difficulty proving who uses it without cctv footage.
    Mary originally did the EPA because of the confusion, so for most financial insitutions, I would say it's for convenience sake and not for dementia if asked. Mary is quite capable of making decisions on her money, she just doesn't want to. Her house was sold before we had the EPA, and she signed all the forms herself.
    When the solicitor did the EPA, I had to pay for a medical report from the Mental Health unit consultant, and the solicitor had to satisfy himself that Mary knew the value of money, ie how much a car, a house a loaf of bread cost. All this was done without us in the room to prompt her. Maybe it's easier because she lives with us now.
    I am now totally confused after some of the comments, does the factsheet set all this out?




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