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    Hi All,
    Thanks for all your comments on my thread for photo's need for a blue badge.
    Forgot to ask will it be ok for me to fill the form in, and sign it. I just have my mum getting into a worrying state, over anything like this. She can't cope with any official form,money matters etc.
    Love Sonia xxxx

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    You can sign it.

    "If any applicant is unable to sign the form and label themselves they
    may be signed by a third party"

    Part F

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    Hello Sonia

    I can only go from my own experience and say yes, I'm sure you could fill the form in, as I did for my mother's (London) taxicard. Could you ring up the council office and check with them?

    I have only just had a chance to reply to your other thread about the photo. If it is going in the booth that is the problem, my only suggestion is, again, like us for the taxicard, if you have anything similar. Our local pharmacies and sub-post office (local parade of shops) have a facility where you can go in and stand/sit in front of a plain screen and they just point the camera and shoot! No fuss, and accepted by the council without problem.

    Good luck

    Daughter and former carer
    Now doing voluntary work at local Carers centre

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    Applying for a Blue Badge for parking

    You can also apply online for a Blue Badge.

    Apply for a Blue Badge

    The first question it asks is whether you're applying for yourself, someone else, or an organisation.

    Ref also:

    Blue Badge scheme




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