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    Good news is that the assessment did happen. Although she was having quite a good day in company, mother displayed all her paranoia to the MHT nurse - we're so glad! Also she's started eating again. She still thinks it's poisoned but she's too hungry not to eat.
    The Amisulpride began yesterday; Monday the full blood work is being done (the blood work the GP said he was looking at the results of last week but that actually hadn't been done, what's that all about?) to eliminate any more recent infections than her last blood test of 3 weeks ago.
    Thursday we have a meeting with MHT, social worker et al to see what next. It's supposed to be the routine, 4-6 weeks in, meeting where she decides whether to stay at the home or move. I think the system is set up to make sure people have the right to return Home but she certainly doesn't want that. If she want to move care home - well, I've no idea where we start, this one took long enough to find, and there's actually nothing wrong with it, the staff are very pleasant.

    We'll see - but thankyou for allowing me to post my concerns here!
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    Sudden onset of Dementia

    Hi - my husband had a fall in October 2010 and suddenly within the space of two weeks he started saying some very strange things. Prior to the fall he was mentally very sharp (he was only 63). I took him for tests and they told me that he had had a stroke at some point. After a few months they diagnosed vascular dementia. Whilst he was in the hospital at the start of the mental problems they also diagnosed low sodium. The effects of this were very startling - he was delusional and frequently saw donkeys on the roof and puppies lying in the corner however, after several days on a drip this slowly decreased. Earlier this year he started to have what I thought were small fits but also it seems caused by low sodium so something that sounds so innocuous can have a devastating effect. He has always been heavy on the salt so this was quite a surprise but I now give him a daily oxo which is packed with salt and these delusions and fits have disappeared. ( Sadly he still has dementia and no short term memory but otherwise not too bad at the moment). I hope this may help you

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    Thankyou, cyprusbreeze, and best wishes to you and your husband.

    when she had low salts, her speech was very scribbly, like a very drunk person who knows they ought to make sense but can't quite do it. She'd hand me back a beaker of coffee and say that ice cream wasn't a good idea at that moment.

    when they raised her salts, knocked off the antibiotics, cured the infections, her vocabulary and with came back 100% in conversation, although she was still talking about having delusions. Neither we nor the medical staff really picked up on this because the delusions she said she was having were of there being medical staff talking in her room - which there were; she'd moved out of isolation into a small ward, so we thought it was lingering effects of everything else, coupled with moving into a slightly noisier environment. However, to her it seemed delusional, so it was probably starting then.

    Now, and for weeks, her vocabulary is absolutely fine, and she could still do word play and humour if she felt like it, which she doesn't; but now she's articulating paranoia - it's slightly disjointed paranoia - poisoned food, bellpush that speaks to her, staff that refuse to toilet her (none of them true) - but her language is fine. Hm.

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    It was only when I got an email nudge about Talking Point Update today that I remembered this forum. I do apologize. How rude not to have returned.

    Anyway, once we eventually got the MHT involved, things began to improve for mother. They diagnozed a paranoid psychosis, and prescribed 2 kinds of tablets. For a while nothing seemed to alter. Then came the night when, unable to get out of her room (trying to open the door the wrong way), she rang the police to say she was being detained against her will..... In the morning she began to feel better and pretty rapidly, she was back to her old, alert self; and this continues, which is great. The only downside for the family is that she's now had 3 months of being in a place where, when she wants any mortal thing to be done for her, she just rings the bell and it is done. There is a slight expectation that phoning us should have the same result!

    Thankyou, again, for all your comments and for letting me air my worries here.
    With prayers and good wishes for you and yours.


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