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    Dementia and Morphine

    The nursing home stopped my mother's dementia meds and started giving her morphine, now she is hallucinating in a bad way (freaking out) yet the nurse just says she has to get used to the morphine and that it's OK ?????????

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    That doesn't sound right. Can you speak to a doctor or consultant? I think you need to be given the full information on this.

    My mum was given oramorph for general pain but she went almost comatose with it. She was on no dementia meds because she had Vascular Dementia. Eventually she had to have morphine in a syringe driver but that was in the last week or so of her life and with our knowledge and permission.

    I hope you can get some answers and that your poor mum gets some relief. x
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    Were your mother's medications changed on the authority of a doctor and if so was this with your prior knowledge?

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    Morphine can cause hallucinations in certain people - the GP should be asked to check the dose, and whether it really is suitable for your Mum - it doesn't suit everyone.

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    Many years ago my mum was told that she was sensitive to all opiates after 48 hours of post-operative wakefulness and hallucinations, having been given morphine. 5 years ago she was given regular codeine in hospital as a supposed sedative and had strong auditory hallucinations and sensations of panic and paranoia. I agree, morphine can be unsuitable for some people - check with the doctor.

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    The nursing home where my mother is treats the residents like they have NO feelings or awareness inanimate objects instead of people......people tell me they are all like this

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    I'm guessing you may be somewhere other that the UK?

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