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    HALLMARK Care Homes


    Wondering if any of you have had any dealings with a company called Hallmark Care Homes.

    Mum has been recommended one of their homes near King's Lynn - looks very nice, it's part of a large chain (never knew such things existed)'s for respite care initially but if Dad does deteriorate to the extent that he needs constant care then...

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    I don't know anything about the company but I thought you might like to see this,00.html

    I assume it's the same group, and I do think that if employees are treated decently, there's more change that residents will be.

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    Hi plastic scouser,

    Have you checked out the inspection report at the Commision for Social Care Inspection's web site

    From what you've said, the home in question might be this one?

    Take care,


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    Quote Originally Posted by plastic scouser

    it's part of a large chain (never knew such things existed..
    I don't think chains are that uncommon actually. Homes are big business like eveything else these days. BUPA actually operate quite a few homes.

    The home my mum is in belongs to a chain, of sorts, that also operate schemes for other client groups eg younger adults with learning difficulties. I believe it is a registered charity.

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    Naming individual service providers

    Hi everyone

    I know it's very tempting to ask for people's opinions about specific homes or other services.
    I would have to ask you not to do this publically through Talking Point.

    There are various reasons for not doing this publically. As has been pointed out on this thread, many of these homes are part of a group or chain and so people may experience different things in different homes. Also one person's idea of good care may not be the same as someone elses.

    Also if we start posting recommendations or otherwise on Talking Point we may open the board up to unscrupulous people who may want to advertise their services on Talking Point or carry out some personal campaign against a particular service or individual.

    As has been very helpfully pointed out on this thread - there are places to go where there are 'official' reports on services offered.

    Best wishes (and sorry if this sounds fussy)

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    Nada, for future reference, is it acceptable to say "If anyone knows anything about XYZ Home, could they PM me"?

    (Who's going to try to post this for the THIRD time)

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    Hi Jennifer

    I think the Private Message route would be a good idea!


    PS I'm having terrible trouble getting connected to TP tonight too.




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