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    Lovely Visit With Mum

    Hello, everyone,

    I don't post so often on here these days but felt I had to tell of my recent visit to Mum in her care home.

    She went to this home in May last year and since then we've had some lovely visits. We try to take her out when the weather's ok, maybe to a cafe or shopping. Lately it's been difficult knowing what to say to her. We usually have a cuppa and I take her to the smoking room for a ciggy.

    This week it was raining heavily and she seemed sleepy so we decided to take her to a part of the home (another lounge) that she doesn't usually go to. There is a cupboard with activity items in whcih we were allowed to search and we found a large pack of cards. Mum hasn't played cards for years, so I said we'd share a hand and play 'snap' against my daughter and grandchildren. Mum put cards down in the right order but couldn't quite grasp the concept of 'snap.'

    Then we tried a game of 'Fish' where you have to make suits by asking your opponents for cards of which you have at least one. By gently guiding her ('which will we ask for?') then ('who shall we ask?') she was able to take part in the game and even remembered to say 'fish' when she hadn't got the card they asked us for.

    It's the first time for ages I've seen her properly join in anything and it was obvious she was really enjoying the game! She laughed a lot and the staff commented that she seemed to have had a good time.

    We went on to take her for a ciggy and make her a cuppa and we finally left her with a biscuit and enjoying her tea. It was the best visit so far, I think.

    I was getting a little low, thinking she's been there almost a whole year and I was feeling sad for her. However, seeing her so cheery has really lifted my spirits.

    I hope this helps others in a similar position to feel a little hopeful. I'll sleep well tonight.

    God bless,

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    It is so good to read your post Maggie. Long may this continue. x


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    Yopur account of the lovely visit has certainly made me feel uplifted. I hope that you have many more. It is far better to try to do something together as it makes you feel closer. I too love to do small, personal things with him which make me feel I am still a part of his care.

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    The game sounds lovely. It's so good to read your uplifting post.
    Take care xx

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    Thank you for sharing

    It was so lovely to hear such positive news. You must feel so happy after having such an enjoyable visit.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us.



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    I felt as if I was joining in the game with you, that was a lovely happy post and I hope you will do it again. Sounds better than going out shopping, love Pauline xx


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    Lovely post. A real moment to treasure.

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    That's really lovely. You must be so pleased. x
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    A lovely post and it's nice to hear that you had such an enjoyable time.


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    Lovely positive post.





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