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    I agree with what everyone has said and this carer should be reported.


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    Yes it should be reported, I would be worried about someone who could do that, looking after elderly and confused people .

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    Yes , report her, its bullying behaviour and not acceptable x

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    Thanks all for your replies, I'm going to see the care home manager tomorrow, she's off today and I don't want to risk her being told 2nd hand if I report it to the assistant.
    Next question, Mary's daughter often visits her mum, I see her prob once a week, say hello in passing, do I tell her aswell?

    I know if it was my Dad receiving this treatment I'd want to know.

    I feel really angry at this bloody 'carer', as if life's not hard enough for residents and families without all this!?!

    Anyway rest assured everyone. I'll get this sorted.
    I'll keep you posted x
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    Yes, I'd definitely report it, and mention the other incident, too.

    That person is in the wrong job.

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    There is one carer in Mum's home who is very cold and impatient. She is so, in front of me and any other visitor even in front of the sister in charge. I hate to think what she is like when nobody is around to watch her.
    While Mum was being hoisted into the wheel chair this carer shouted out loud, referring to Mum, "this woman is so agressive". I have to agree, that Mum can be agressive, but she is also frightened of being dropped etc. The hoisting I find a very demeaning process anyway.

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    I would definitely say something. This is mean and cruel and totally unacceptable. I also agree that I would not be happy with her texting on the mobile either. Her focus should be on her work during work times. You would not expect to see someone stacking shelves at Tescos texting on their mobile.

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    Clementine, when I was training, we were not only shown how a hoist worked, we were put in it too, so that we could experience how frightening, undignified and uncomfortable (and for people on the heavy side, they can be downright painful) to use. The trainer emphasised that they should only be used for the briefest possible time, the shortest lift, etc. and great care must be taken to make sure the sling, straps etc. are as comfortable as they can be - and one carer/assistant should always be beside the client to reassure them.

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    Totally agree with everyone else, report her.. I don't know if I could have kept my cool in that situation.

    When dad was in respite and I visited him, sometimes I would try to help some of the wanderers to calm them, call for carer help if I thought it was needed.. To be honest, unless you have cared for a relative who has this disease.. you don't have any idea of what it takes or needs.

    There are some exceptions, we have some wonderful carers who try to talk to dad and get responses, but obviously, the carer you observed is not one of those.

    And phone use on the job.. no, not acceptable!

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    She should definitely be reported. As for telling Mary's daughter, I would tell her to keep an eye on the person at least. You would not want to be considered to be biasing someone against the worker so I wouldn't necessarily go into details. It's a very fine line.
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    What a c** the carer is - report and definately mention to her daughter. I wonder if it would be so funny if it were the carers mother)

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    This carer definitely needs reporting to the manager. What she has done is totally unacceptable, both to the resident, and to yourself. It makes you wonder what this carer is like with other residents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clementine View Post
    . The hoisting I find a very demeaning process anyway.
    I disagree.

    I have seen people lifted by two carers, `twisted` round and almost dragged, to be moved from chair to wheelchair. I have witnessed their discomfort and the pain felt by the carers.
    When you are unable to weight bear, it will be quite painful being lifted and moved.
    If hoisting is done in a sensitive way, it is painless .

    My husband shows no fear when hoisted and always thanks carers . It shows he is grateful for the help.
    He is always talked though the procedure. I am never sure whether or not he can understand what is being said to him but do know he is comforted by soothing voices.


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    This is dreadful. After all the recent scandal I think that any mistreating of residents needs to be reported, firstly to the manager and if it is not delay with then to the CQC.
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    Quite simply this is abuse as the fact the lady shuffles when she walks blowing at her and scaring her could quite easily have resulted in her falling over. I would not mention this in words, I would put the actual report into writing as they they have a duty to reply to you and you have evidence that you did this. From personal experiences, and I have been a qualified carer for over 19 years, when you "mention" things they seem to get lost in the system or plastered over. What if this "carer" and I say this loosely, does similar to your own family member??? I have reported people both colleagues in past, and even gone to a tribunal once over poor care standards - and won! I accept nothing but the best quality of care, as laid down in care plans, which are legal documents and nobody else should. We are their advocates we have a duty to see they get the very best care we can. Please take this further.




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