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    Any husbands on forum?

    Hello, my Mum has suspected dementia (although no diagnosis yet). I've been trying to find out information for my Dad and came across this forum which sounds wonderfully informative and supportive. I was just wondering if there are any husbands of wives with dementia who post items on the forum. I think my Dad would find it helpful, from time to time, to ask advice of other men in similar situations to him. Many thanks.

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    Hi Yindee, welcome to the family, and we would be delighted to welcome your dad too.
    My husband has early FTD, but there certainly are a valuable number of male relatives/carers on the forum too.
    Perhaps it's just not the best time of the day/week to be getting the responses you hope for, but stick with us, your dad and yourself cannot fail to gain fantastic help and support here.

    Lots more members will be along to welcome and support you......and I'm afraid you'll probably be stuck with many of 'fairer sex' too. We're all in this together though, and advice is always welcome, whoever it is from.

    Lots of love, Necion. xx
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    Thanks so much for your reply Necion. It's great to hear that there are other male carers on the forum, as well as all you amazing women.

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    I am sole carer for my wife.
    Statistically there are more women than men with dementia even allowing for the greater life expectancy of women and the fact that the risk of dementia increases with age so there should be many more carer husbands on this forum. There are also some sons.

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    Thanks nitram.


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