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Thread: Shavers?

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    Can anyone advise shavers for a dementia sufferer?

    Grandad has now killed his 3rd shaver in 12 months, we'd got the same model and make as replacements but they're not robust enough for him to keep dropping them as he is doing and the newly extinct shaver is quite pricey so we can't continue to replace them with increasing frequency.

    He likes a foil shaver and we're looking for a rechargeable one so that he doesn't strangle himself whilst shaving.

    Can anyone advise a fairly robust (cheapish) shaver?

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    I must admit, I have used Argos for such things and buy one that is on special offer, often reduced by 50%. My husband had a habit of losing them!!!

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    Tried loads for Dad. Ended up with a braun pocket and go battery operated one, its safer! Get them on ebay, think its model p60 x
    I know what I'm going to do..... I just haven't found out yet!

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    Sorry its pocketgo p-60
    I know what I'm going to do..... I just haven't found out yet!

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    Boots have one which is battery operated cost about £8 I think,but dad won't let me near him with it anyway.
    When I can talk him into having a shave,he insists I use his Gillette blade razor which must be about 60 years old now & is lethal !!




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