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    Unhappy Planning for 1st anniversary of Bryans death

    Hi all,
    Debbie and Maxine came over today and we were all together for some of thetime. We talked about what i wanted to do on wednesday - a year since Bryan passed away. As a lot of poeple have said he would not want us to be miserable but also it is not a time to throw a party! As debbie also rightly said we lost him long before that. As both daughters work i will not see them until mlater in the day. I am going to say hello to Bryan in the morning then go to my sister for lunch. Maxine is coming straight from work and will be with me by 4. We are then going to walk round a park that he loved to go fishing in and infact taught dean - my eldest grandson to fish. He still goes now and loves it. He has some of his grand dads stuff too. When debbie arrives about 6.30 ish we are going to take flowers to bryan, fresh and a posy in oassis. Then back here for a chinese take-away. When i skyped russell later and told him he did not say but i got the feeling he thought i was dwelling on it too much. !How can i not - Bryan is always on my mind and just feel i want to make that day special.
    Love and hugs Muriel xx

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    I can`t believe it`s a year Muriel but I bet it seems like ten years to you. x


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    Your plans sound just right Muriel. I'll be thinking of you and Bryan & the rest of the family on Wednesday.


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    Morning Muriel,

    I was shocked that it is a year already. Personally, I think it is lovely that you are making the day special - just as you would like it. I will think of you specially on Wednesday.

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    Like the others I can't believe it's a year. I think your plans sound like a fitting tribute. x
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