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    You're welcome. If you have questions about using TP (including tips on searching) you can post in the Computer Tips forum or you can PM me and I'll do my best to help

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    Hi Nan,

    Thought I would give it a try too but I'm afraid the system beat me. I remember the visit to yours well, We had a lovely sunny day and your home made cake was really tasty. Hope you are well my love.

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    Hello, Tina, nice to hear from you. I was wanting to find out which photographs you had helped me to post at TP. Have since found them, but only by going back on the "Pics" thread and with the help of a PM from one of the TPers. (She found it for me and gave me a link.)

    I am keeping well, thank you, Tina, going down to the beach hut most days of the week. Your visit seemed so recent I thought at first it was last year, but of course it was the year before, wasn't it. So much has happened in the meantime that it all telescoped up in some fashion.

    Take care. Love,
    Nan XXX




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