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    I am so sorry to hear about this. Will be thinking of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumble B View Post
    Things could be so much worse.
    What an amazing attitude after what you've just been through. Blimey!

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    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum and dad. It must be surreal for you even read these words...?

    I can relate to your feelings in a way, because I lost my mum on October 30th, but it was the same day as my dad who died 2 years before. I couldn't bear the thought of them being separated, and though I'm not thankful to dementia for much, I am thankful that it spared mum the grief of losing dad. She "enjoyed" the funeral because all her friends were there and she didn't seem to understand that the love of her life had gone. She seemed content.

    But as her dementia took hold, just 8 months after his death, it was the beginning of the end and in the final week, all the professionals said "it could be tonight..", "...it will be tomorrow...". She was desperately ill, but she was hanging on. She died at 6.15am on the 2 year anniversary of dad's death, and I felt such a strong feeling of them being reunited. Just as you have with your parents.

    I'm sure there's an element of disbelief and numbness right now, so please know that we are all here if things change. You may go through many emotions as time goes on, but I imagine your parents are smiling down at you, knowing you are comforted in the knowledge that they needed to be together. They must be very proud.

    Sending sympathy and understanding, xxx
    Annie x x

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    Bumble B, I'm so sorry for your double loss of your dear parents, please accept my sincere condolences, I'm thinking of you. xx

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    So sorry to hear about your Dad BumbleB but I feel everything happens for a reason and as soon as it was your Mum would have been there to greet him.
    missing what has gone and scared of what is to come

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    You are amazing

    My heart and admiration go out to you not to mention my utmost respect and love. Dad had been poorly since November and I was struggling working full time and visiting tfirst the hospital then the assessment Centre everyday.I ran on auto pilot but now the exhaustion is catching up with me and I'm so tired but can't sleep. I'v e been signed off till next Monday then back to school. I hope my back which is killing me will be OK the drive said it was stress so I'm taking painkillers hope it improves this week. So take care now make sure you are OK. My thoughts are with you.

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    Thank you Jill,but really I'm not at all amazing.
    Looked at dispassionately,Dad's been spared the sadness of living without his much-loved wife.
    But in the same way,I've been spared the distress of seeing him struggling on alone,insisting that he's still able to manage when obviously he can't,and the worry that every day he's at risk of an accident.
    What really is amazing are the people like yourself who carry on day after day,coping with physical pain and ( which I found even harder to bear ),the crippling mental tiredness.
    While I was making my daily visits to Mum,that was the worst thing.The responsibility is with you day and night,it's never off your mind.
    Thank you for your kind words,and I wish you physical healing and peace of mind for the future.
    Last edited by Bumble B; 12-03-2012 at 10:15 PM. Reason: ( So sorry,I didn't realise your father had already passed away . )

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    Well Dad's funeral went off very nicely yesterday,and this afternoon the funeral director delivered a booklet with photos of the floral tributes,and told us that both Mum's and Dad's ashes are at the funeral home,to be collected whenever we want.

    I still can't believe that less than four weeks ago,they were both alive.

    I'm managing with the practical stuff,but I've just been hit with a crushing feeling of tiredness,almost as if it's too much effort to breathe.And I still haven't cried very much.

    I expect this is normal,but I've never felt so exhausted in my life.

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    I think that's pretty normal Bumble, it's just sheer mental and physical exhaustion. Now is the time to take care of you.

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    Hi BumbleB

    I am sorry i must have missed your earlier posts. i am so so very sorry to hear of your mum and dads passing.

    I cant even begin to think how sad and exhausted you must be! i guess your feeling of tiredness is your body saying STOP and take some time for yourself to recover from the past few weeks.

    Take a bit of time for yourself and let your family help you.

    you are all in my thoughts.

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    Blessings are like glitter; they fall gently around us. You don't always see them until you look from a different perspective.

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    Hi bb

    Hope you are OK and maybe starting to feel a little better. We have booked a few days away in Lancaster and the lakes to try and unwind. I'm still feeling really tired and haven't cried much either my back is a little better and I've been back at school this week. Wasn't looking forward to that. Take care of yourself, and thinking of you and sending best wishes jill

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    Hi Bumblebee, hope you are looking after yourself-don't be too hard on YOU expecting something that isn't at the moment. Grief is an odd beast and there is nothing much you can do but go with the flow of it.

    It is my first day back at work today since my dads death-I haven't cried really and I would like to curl up and go to bed. It is strange how peoples lives go on as normal and you have to fit onto that merry go round!

    I have booked a week away in Devon over Easter.

    Try and do something nice that will give you comfort at this time.

    Heather xx




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