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    Mum needs a walk-in bath/shower: any recommendations or experience?

    I've approached 3 companies and asked for brochures and pricelists.
    2 have replied that they cannot give pricelists and that instead they want to visit and 'do an assessment' - which I'm afraid I translate as 'hard sell' or at best, '90 minute talk'.
    The 3rd says that 4,000 is their cheapest, and that's without taps or making good after the work.

    I knew that it would be pricey, but thought maybe 2,000 -2,5000.

    Does anyone have any experience of this? Any recommendations?

    There is a company on the Age UK site but they are the 4,000+ one!

    I don't know where else to go, except to just keep ringing round. I understand they may need to meet up before an estimate is given, but surely a ballpark (sp) figure could be given.

    Lots of strangers trooping in and out will be upsetting for mum.

    (Not to mention my elderly cat )

    THanks for any help,
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    Have you thought about phoning your local authority and speaking to them? My mother's local council had a list of local companies which they had vetted from both a security point of view and from a fair and reasonable price point of view. We found they were very helpful when my mother wanted a new kitchen and a lovely family company came and installed it for her for a third of the price that others wanted. Not only that but then came by to make sure that her spotlights hadn't started going out and whilst they were there they replaced other lightbulbs in her house for the cost of the bulb.

    Another place that you could look is on ebay. You could perhaps buy the bath on there and get some local plumber to install it for you?


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    You could check if you have a local Independent Living Centre near enough for you to visit. Sometimes they are linked to local hospitals, others are in community settings.

    These are often joint funded by health and Social Services, and staffed by OT's who will give you advice without any commerical incentive. You just ring up and make an appointment.

    You can get bath seats which raise and lower into the bath, and if you have the right ordinary shower, then a seat which can be used whilst showering. Neither of these options would cost anything like you are quoting.

    You could also ask for an OT assessment from your local Social Services, in our area they will visit and give advice, even if you are purchasing the equipment.

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    England. Living near to Dad but not with him. Dad has Vas D.
    Just a warning - I got a downstairs room turned into a shower room for Dad and I hired a reputable local building firm to do it. They did a good job,albeit leaving a trail of mess through the house, but I left it to them to choose the shower - big mistake.

    They chose the sort that runs off the hot and cold pipes instead of an electric shower. The problem with that is that Dad turns his old-fashioned boiler up full-blast. It takes a while for the hot water to come through the pipe, so he turns the hot tap up, and then the very hot water comes through. So I'd recommend either a shower that runs off the hot and cold pipes that has a temperature governor, or an electric one that you can tape the heat control on, although I think most of them have maximum temperatures anyway.

    I think with Dad it's just a matter of time before he scalds himself.

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    WOW thanks for all the tips already.
    What are we carers doing up so late?LOL!

    I will definitely ring the local authority, and also there is an independent living *shop* though not a 'centre' in town; I'll nip in tomorrow and ask them about it.

    THanks everyone

    The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese

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    My mum (some 5 years pre-diagnosis - hmmmmm) had a wet-room type shower fitted under guidance from the LA Occupational Therapy at Social Services. They designed it, but she funded it.

    She had lost her ability/confidence in using her bath, so wanted a shower. This was fitted, but because it had a slightly sloping floor to the "plughole" set into the non-slip floor it never felt safe to her. So she never used it by choice. The only time it got used was with a carer (it had a seat, was a walk-in type as you see in hospital wards) on probably 4 occasions in total.

    That was about 4,500 5 years ago.



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