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    "Always read the small print"

    A woman has called for more rules on what care homes can demand after she was asked to pay 3,000 because she failed to give it four weeks' "notice" before her father died.


    Same story was covered at http://www.carehome.co.uk/news/ - can't find it now, but lots of other interesting items of news.
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    My mothers care home gave me a contract to sign.

    If mum died i would have to pay a further months fees,as i wouldn't be giving notice.

    Also,if mum died and had no money left,'I' would be responsible for any outstanding fees/personal costs.

    Needless to say,i didn't sign it.

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    Its also in the contract I haven't yet signed - it's a standard contract for a national company who runs care homes. It's rather too much to pay in those cases when no services are being provided.

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    Grieving daughter wins care home battle

    Didn't spot this follow-up story at the time:

    Grieving daughter wins care home battle

    Wednesday 22nd February 2012

    ... But now Sue has been told that only seven days' fees need to be paid.

    She said: “What they've done is they've decided to reduce it from 28 days to seven and I think that's much better. I'm so pleased.

    “I'm quite happy to have a week's money, obviously there's a certain amount of paperwork and other stuff involved, but a whole month was beyond the pale.

    “I call it my David and Goliath moment. If you feel there's something wrong, instead of just rolling over and accepting it, challenge it.
    Later thread:
    Care fees, charged following death.
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