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    what a way to start the day!

    Lucys alarm went off it was pitch black I couldnt find my light switch

    leapt out of bed from horizontal to vertical in one amazing movement

    went to switch on the main light bumped into a pile of craft stuff at the end of my bed and created an avalanche

    sent the towel rail flying too

    staggered downstairs looking like the wild woman of borneo went into Lucys room who then said she hadnt pressed her buzzer

    went back upstairs to try and right the chaos wide awake

    looking on the bright side I did find a toffee amidst all the chaos
    and i now have more time to make little friend Margarets birthday present
    I'm making her a scrapbook of our outings

    hope you all have a better start than I did
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Oh Sarah, you do make me laugh . What a start to the day but as you said now you have more time.

    Every cloud has a silver lining

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    Did you enjoy the toffee?

    Hope the rest of the day is calmer.

    Helen x x
    Sunshine.. love and hugs

    Never take your eye off the ball, it may
    just smack you in the mouth.

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    I did enjoy the toffee

    you are right Margaret every cloud does have a silver lining

    I'm glad I make you laugh it reassures me that I have a purpose!!
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Poor Sarah - i take it your bedroom is in need of another tidy up then?!

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    Thumbs up Seizing an opportunity!

    I just had an exciting moment!!

    i saw in our local paper that the museum has got a peoples gallery and they were looking for new stuff to go up later in the year

    I rang straight away and when I said I really want to help people make memory books particularly with dementia in mind the girl on the other end of the phone got very animated
    I told her to have a look at my websites no guarantee that I'll get it of course but it would be fab and I can continue fundraising more
    if you havnt seen them they are or havnt looked for a while and fancy a peek
    you can find them on


    My bedroom does need another tidy! In fact it gets a mention in this months Quickcardsmadeeasy magazine as they featured our papercraft group!!
    The person who can laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused

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    Question Hope Your Day Got Better Sarah

    Hi Sarah , Poor you being woken up by Lucy's Buzzer so early & sorry about the "Mishap" in your Bedroom ! at least it will be all spick & span for the Week & your friend Maragaret will be !

    Just a quick Idea about you not finding your Light Switch in the Dark , why not be like Guide Camp & buy a Chunky Torch ? Put it near your Bed on a table or on the floor ( Head end then you not "Trip " on it when getting out of Bed ) that way you have some light when YOU GET OUT OF BED ! When we take the Brownies away for the Week End I all ways take a "E=mergency Torch " with me never know when it might be useful !

    Hope your Day improved & you did some nice things etc & GOOD LUCK with the "Museum Project " & hope the Museum let you take your Stuff etc on "The Day "

    Take Care & much Love & Support

    Love Grove x x
    Where there is injury,pardon;
    Where there is dicord,union;
    Where there is doubt, faith;
    Where there is despair; hope;
    Where there is darkness,light;
    Where there is sadness,joy;

    ST Francis Of Assisi




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