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    an interesting article in the Independent newspaper

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    Thanks Soobee,i've just read this article on my Facebook page...very interesting.

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    I had a visit from an assessor for my hearing needs yesterday and asked if home visits put her in contact with people with dementia or their carers .
    She said she was hoping to do some dementia awareness training as someone was very rude to her and, as she had no experience, she was very upset.
    I gave her some TP Flyers.
    Full marks to all who at least try to learn more.


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    Torture chamber???

    Thanks Soobee for the link to this article, very interesting indeed.
    Such a simple thing to set up, and it doesn't matter how true to life the experience really is as just from the description alone it sounds like it will simulate and provoke the disorientation and confusion factor. Brilliant idea and hope it's rolled out and accessible to all who need/want to know. Does sound like torture doesn't it?
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