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    Reassuance needed!

    Dear all, I wonder if you could advise? I am a 43yr old mother of 3 young children. I am a full time primary school teacher. I am telling you all of this info because when I had concerns about my memory when I was in my 30's my GP she said it is no wonder you are all of the above you have a lot on your plate. But my maternal grandmother had alzheimer's and 2 of her daughters my aunts. I have always had a bad memory. It is a standing joke amongst my siblings that there is no point asking me about people I went to school with, memories from our childhood etc. I have learnt to live with this and accept it. I rely heavily on my husband to fill in the gaps, that is fine if he was around then. I got a fright last wekk when in the middle of a lesson I totally forgot which hand was which whilst teaching the clock to my class. I tried and tried but just could not remember. I had to go and look it up! I was shocked and upset by this as I have not experienced this level before. I know I foget things so I try and write as much down as I can but sometimes I lose my lists! I think I should go back to the GP but am concerned that they will think I am a Hypocondriac. Any suggestions?

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    Hello Blondie

    I would certainly see your GP, never mind what she said when you last went.

    The fact you can`t remember childhood events shows your long term memory is affected which is unusual , as far as I know, in any dementia.
    Your confusion over the clock hands could be because you have far too much on your mind but also because you may have some other treatable condition.

    Please see your GP. Ask her to listen to you more carefully this time.


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    Thank you for that, you know how you sometimes feel that you are wasting GP's time and there are people out there who are genuinely sick and you are just unsure as to why you put the hair brush in the freezer. This is something that affects me everyday as I have so much to remember and sometimes I really can't. I am glad to hear that long term memory is not usually associated with Alzheimer's as this is my main problem. I find it hard to learn languages despite attempting them several times. I cannot keep tunes in my head despite learning different instruments and I cannot remember any song from start to finish. This has always been a problem. I was just panicked when things I normally remember had started to leave me, especially when you have an audience waiting for your next statement. I will go back to the GP. Thank you once again.

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    Hiya Blondie,

    In addition to what Sylvia suggested, I would also consider both you and your husband getting a diary and making a record of the different incidents that happen. Make a note of the circumstances, what time of day they happen and how long the last. Then, if visiting your GP or any other medical folks, you can take the diary with you so they get an overall view of what has been happening. This evidence will be of great help, especially considering your age, in them taking you seriously and giving you the help you need.


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    That's a great idea, as you get so used to this that you consider it to be 'normal'. Thank you for your advice and support.


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